Back to the bar

Moving from Fife to the Highlands has been like moving from Oz to Scotland, in miniature. My brain wandered down the same path as ten years ago:

First stage – running around like a mad chook securing employment, with a cloud of self-doubt lurking overhead. You suck! You have nae skills! Get set to live in a cardboard box, CHUMP! 

Second stage – frazzled by all that putting-oneself-out-there, giving in to urge to hide from the world in my tracky dacks and eat chocolate.

Luckily I recognised the pattern in early November and deployed the same solution as I did in 2003: lift heavy objects!

I was digging the river walks, but my exercise was missing the RARRRRR Factor. Walking generates feelings of zen and goodwill, but I wanted to generate some badassery!

Initially I thought I’d join a gym, having sold off my dumbbell collection due to lack of space at Chez Nessie. But then I randomly found a personal trainer who was not only very affordable but a big fan of ladies lifting heavy weights. And she’d linked to a Stumptuous article on her Facebook page, the very website that got me hooked on weights way back in 2001. She had to be a good egg!

And she is. I’ve had weekly sessions since the start of November and I feel bloody awesome! She has proper weighty weights with the chunky bar and big plates; it’s all very She-Ra. And there’s boxing gloves and pads too, so we can extract the very last of my energy with a final flurry of punches.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier! I get to do the kinds of exercise I love most, but customised to my dilapidated knee situation. It took a bit of budget shuffling (I became obsessed with budgeting this year. Anyone else? Is that too dull of a thing to write about!?)  but it was so worth making a priority.

The heavier the weights get, the lighter I feel. I’m daydreaming of doing a pull-up someday. And that optimism is spilling over to other areas of life. I didn’t notice how ordinary I’d been feeling ’til I started feeling good. POW!

(I realise this is a random rubbishy kind of post but I just want to get back on the writing wagon!)

Loose ends:

  • After four months inside, Mother-In-Law Mary left hospital at the end of October to continue her recovery at home. She is an absolute champ!
  • The Bed Bits never surfaced. Methinks I chucked them away in my downsizing frenzy. But I called the manufacturer and they’re are sending us a “Replenish Kit” with all the bits. The fact that it has a name shows I’m not the only dickhead who has done this!



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33 thoughts on “Back to the bar

  1. Aw, good to hear! And delighted to hear that your Mother-in-Law is doing well – I was wondering about her the other day, but didn’t want to ask. Mattress on the floor is always good to channel that inner student. Hope you have a fab Xmas and New Year.

  2. Hooray for replenishing both the bed bits and your She-Ra powers of awesomeness!
    Mary is such a trooper. Bet she’s glad to be home in her own bed!

  3. Glad to hear your finding a groove. I’ve recently discovered crossfit lite and tho hard to make time with my 2 wee bairns it is so good for me.

  4. I´ve got exactly a year now before I´m 40. I´ve set myself the task of being able to do 10 chin-ups by then. Might take a leaf out of your book and find a trainer 🙂

  5. Hello darling daughter,

    On one hand, we need the peace and tranquility of an ‘immerse-in-nature’ walk around Inverness. So good for the soul. On the other, we crave the power of an activity where we ‘roar’ and ‘thwack’. So glad your budget tweaking had made the latter happen. Budgets are great, in my humble opinion. Hurrah for Mary’s continuing return to health. She is an inspiring woman. l don’t know how l would have handled the same situation.

  6. Shauna!! So happy that you have found a personal trainer to work with! I know it seems a lot of money, but it is so important! I feel the same way about my boot camp. I would cut corners somewhere else to be able to keep training.

    So glad to hear that Mary continues to improve. Inspiring for sure.


  7. So happy to see a new post, especially one chock-full of badassery (great word!).

    And the bed things — yay! At least they didn’t call it a Dimwit Kit.

    I think about looking for a new job sometimes and it throws me into a Stage One panic.

  8. I’m so glad Mary’s out the hospital and doing better!

    “I didn’t notice how ordinary I’d been feeling ’til I started feeling good.” Truer words have never been written, my friend. Love that you’re nourishing your inner badass (she probably just fell asleep for a little while) – we all need to do more of that.


  9. Such great news about Mary!! I’m so happy she’s home.

    Also glad to hear you’re getting replacement bed parts. And lifting again. Inspiring, as I haven’t lifted much since my surgery in early September. But it’s time!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Shauna! xoxo

  10. Rather that rubbishy, this may have been JUST the sort of post I needed.

    Of course reading your words is ALWAYS a delight (I have been known to edit for a living, so I don’t just fling such accolades willy nilly), and just seeing that there’s a new post makes me feel happy, like there’s some lovely new treat waiting for me. However, JUST starting to feel like resuming exercise regularly is a possibility (been in major non-regularly-exercising-mode for a while), your post reminds me of the practically forgotten possibilities of “RAWR!!” Maybe I need to make my own, much more modest, version of a Wonder Woman outfit in which to workout. For inspiration.

    And the-heavier-the-weight, the-lighter-you-feel thing is SUCH a lovely description & enticing promise if I, too, ramp up the badassery. Maybe I need a workout T-shirt that just says BADASSERY on it.

    Suffice it to say, PLEASE to write WHENEVER you even SLIGHTLY have that inclination. From a totally selfish point of view, it is always good for me.

    And if you want to prattle on about budgety stuff (which=aligning intentions w/your $$ and ACTION), PLEASE feel free. It’s making life happen the WAY you WANT it, which is MAJOR.

    It’s easy for people to NOT read something, if it’s not to their taste, but nigh on to impossible for us to collect, from the ether, the delightful phrases you toss off with apparent ease, if you don’t actually post them. =) Good luck w/the job hunt. Lemmeno if you need a complete stranger to rave about your ridiculous talents in the form of a fancy letter of recommendation. =) xoxo

  11. Hurray all round.

    By the way, Ross the Husband has now started drinking Gareth’s beer! (in small quantities) and likes it a lot.

    Happy Christmas, dear Shauna.

  12. Glad you have found something that works ok – nothing like a bit of sweat to make your feel better (or wet according to syvlia). I always thinking moving to a new place has three phases – 1st is loving everything because it isnew, 2nd is hating everything because it is different, and 3rd settling in and accepting this is your life. Hope you have a fun nessie christmas

  13. Ah, good for you, girly! I’m right there with you on the amazing powers of lifting heavy shit.

    And hurrah for finding a PT to help you. Dodgy knees are no easy thing to deal with, but where there’s a will (and some knowledge), there’s a way.

  14. Hey Charlie. Great post for all sorts of reasons. Glad to hear you are being replenished in multiple ways. Keep taking care of yourself – I think 2014 has your name written all over it!!

  15. So you know that awesome website called Fiverr…

    Well there are people on it who will draw you as a superhero for US$5 per person…I have a “family portrait” on my wall of Batman, She-ra and Supergirl…totally worth the money…I giggle every time I walk by it.

    PT sounds an awesome idea, harder to wuss out when you have an appointment with someone!

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