Up & Moving – a new course for beginners + giveaway!

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It’s been a good six months since I’ve put my fuschia pink pimp hat on, but with Spring cranking up it’s time to talk Up & Running!

This week we launched Up & Moving, the course I’ve been busting to create since we started U&R three years ago. We’ve had so many requests for a step between the couch and the 5K Course. Plus, as one with a dodgy knee, I’ve kinda had “course envy” and wished there was something I could properly join!

Also, I’ve never forgotten how I felt back in 2001 when I started out getting healthier. I was overwhelmed, intimidated and had no idea where to start with exercise. I wanted guidance, but didn’t feel ready for gyms or trainers.

So we created something for absolute beginners, for fitness comebacks, for the dodgy of knee, and/or for those who just love structure and a solid plan to follow. Then we chucked in Julia’s expert coaching, plus bucketloads of support and motivational tools.

Up & Moving is a six-week self-paced course, so you can adapt the plans to where you are at – as you are, right now – and go at a pace that works for you. It combines walking with basic resistance training with easy-to-find household objects.

I road tested the plans last autumn. I’d been stuffing around with my health for YONKS and could not seem to get any momentum going. But six weeks of obeying these plans helped me find my groove again. I’ve consistently walked and weight trained for months now, and more recently the momentum spilled over into finally getting my healthy eating house back in order. Baby steps add up, after all!

If Up & Moving sounds like a good fit for you, you can read more about it right here.

Up & Moving

Now, giveaway time!

Our 5K Beginners Course starts on Monday 10 March and the 10K Course starts on Thursday 13 March, each going for eight weeks. Up & Moving is open now.

Here’s what you get…

  • unlimited support from coach Julia Jones, for all your questions – no question is too big or small!
  • an eight week training plan, tried & tested with 1000s of runners around the globe
  • a daily blog chock full of support materials, like running techniques, drills and inspiring videos
  • access to our private community forum with your fellow Movers/runners

I’m giving away five free places, with the winner choosing the course they’d like to do. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post and tell me, If you had to move to a town or city of a television show or film, which one would it be? (And optionally, which characters would you hang with?)

(Yeah I am still on that Friday Night Lights bender!)

  • Entries close 11PM GMT on Wednesday 5 March.
  • There will be five winners and they have their choice of Up & Moving, 5K or 10K courses.
  • The winner can gift the prize to a friend, so you can enter if you want to surprise a friend.
  • Winners will be randomly selected.
  • Winners can be from anywhere in the world. Previous winners are eligible to enter again. Remember the Courses are for women only.

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51 thoughts on “Up & Moving – a new course for beginners + giveaway!

  1. I could use a boost to get me running more than 4 miles again, so have to enter 🙂

    Good question! My go to TV show will always be Buffy, so Sunnydale is my choice. I would also like to have the slayer powers so I would stand a good chance of surviving long term 🙂

    Other choices would be the towns in Once Upon a Time and Grimm!

  2. This may look suspicious here 🙂 but someplace in Scotland, which is the #1 place I’ve always wanted to visit. Until I see it for myself, though, I couldn’t narrow it down to one specific place (it’s not like there are lots of Scottish movie scenes that are actually FILMED in Scotland). Second choice would be New Zealand, which is were lots of cool movies actually ARE filmed.

  3. Rehabbing is taking longer than I’d like, and I’m kind of getting in this slacking-off groove, so I need something to push me toward running again once I’m allowed to in March.

    Hmm… I’d love to join the A-Team’s shenanigans, so I’m choosing L.A.

  4. I would go to New York and hang out in Central Perk with the cast of Friends! (I know, it finished years ago, but I still love it!)

  5. I’d pick Portland because the Leverage gang hung out there for a few years and that means Christian Kane would be there

  6. So hard to choose! I’m going with Weatherfield, to hang out at the Rover’s Return.

  7. Hello Shauna

    I would move to Port Isaac, Cornwall – the setting for the Doc Martin series. Why? Beautiful countryside: perfect for a ‘moving’ challenge methinks. I am after all, a ‘Womanofthewaters’ 🙂 Sorry, l love bad puns.

    What a fabulous you & Julia have created here. I’m sure it will be very successful too. xox

  8. Oh! This is awesome! My favourite show ever is the The Wire but while I like Baltimore in my fantasy life l think I would rather move to New York. So I’m going to say Law and Order and hope to live across the hall from Lieutenant Van Buren as I’ve always thought she was pretty darn cool.

  9. Australia for me! Thinking Crocodile Dundee or Finding Nemo. Thanks for the chance to win. You have no idea how I need this, Shauna.

  10. I’d choose Broadchurch because I’m keen on spending time on the Dorset Coast and who wouldn’t mind hanging out with David Tennant?

  11. I am OBSESSED with Nordic Noir so I would have to move to Copenhagen and stalk the casts of Borgen/Killing/The Bridge…… *gazes into space*…..

  12. Hi,

    I would love to move! Any course to get my exercise mojo back would be splendid! That and the fact that I am soon to be a mum to a collie/Lab X puppy, who will need tremendous amounts of walking!

    If I could move anywhere, it would be to Cornwall where Blue Juice was filmed and to hang out with the delicious Sean Pertwee!

    Becky xxx

  13. Think I’d quite like to move to Seattle. Although you never actually see the city in Frasier I’d quite like to spend my day times pontificating and drinking coffee with Niles. As soon as it got dark I’d be out on the town with ultimate party girl Roz.

    Love the idea of an absolute beginners course. I have seriously slipped off the treadmill and need motivation!

  14. …and the site is back up, yay! I still don’t know where to move, though. Lochdubh (of Hamish Macbeth fame)? So many shows and films are located in the city where I already live, and living here really isn’t the same as living in the city they portray…

  15. I want to start running. I’ve worn a pedometer for years to challenge myself to be more active.

    I’d move to Westeros. I love Game of Thrones. I’d hang out with Daenerys and her dragons.

  16. Apologies in advance for being annoyingly cliche but I have to say NYC so I can hang with the ladies from Sex and the City. They dont seem to eat much and walk alot so maybe I could bust off some of this weight I regained otherwise I wouldnt be able to go shopping with them.
    I realize this isnt your old blog but I look forward to hearing about your progress on getting back to healthy eating and exercise. I need some serious motivation so hoping one of your courses might help as well.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  17. I’d either move to The Shire to live with the Hobbits, or the USS Enterprise to drink “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot” with Jean-Luc!

    Cheers, Shauna!

  18. This has made me scratch my head as I don’t really follow many TV programmes – but if I had to chose I’d go an live in the TARDIS with Dr Who and be his companion whizzing round the universe!

  19. I’d love to live in Pasadena in the same building as Sheldon, Leonard & Penny! I’ve visited there several times and it is a great city.

  20. The west wing is my favourite show. So it would have to be Washington DC for me.

  21. I’d love to live in Downton Abbey or maybe NYC to hang out with Brett and Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords.

  22. I think I’d go with New York. So many shows happen there that I’d never be short of fictional company 😉

  23. I would go to charming and hang with the guys on sons of anarchy…all that running away from the cops/bulltets might help me off the couch!! Haha

  24. I’d love to hang out with Charlotte and Bill in Tokyo (Lost in Translation), sing 80’s covers in a karaoke bar … and hopefully get to find out what he said to her at the end of the film.

  25. Oh, I’d move to Twin Peaks (from, uh, Twin Peaks) for certain. I wouldn’t be any particular character, just someone who gets to spend a lot of time with Agent Dale Cooper.

  26. well, it’s not the trendiest show in the world, but every Tuesday night, my partner and I celebrate ‘Holby City Night’…..our chance to relax and unwind. With two small kids and very little time, (not to mention a very long time away from any exercise) I’d love the chance to try Up and Moving, overseen by the lovely folks on Darwin

  27. It would have to be the fictional Pawnee, Indiana so I could hang out with Leslie Knope and friends!

    Thanks for the giveaway, Shauna. Fingers crossed!

  28. Hmm I would have to say I would love to move to Stars Hollow on the Gilmore Girls…such a quirky fun town! And of course I would want to hang out with Lorelai; her quick wit would make for an excellent BFF.

    Ready to get moving! 🙂

  29. I would love to be in Summer Bay!
    For those who aren’t Aussie, Summer Bay is from our long lived television show ‘Home and Away.’
    Whilst so many Aussie would be ashamed to say they watch, I am proud to say that I have watched it my entire life. It started the year I was born and I have grown up with it.
    I think I would feel right at home hanging out with characters like Alf and Irene. It would feel like home.

  30. The Bon Temps area so I could have my way with Eric 🙂 Meanwhile, back in reality, I’d like to get up and moving again after a foot injury setback.

  31. Well – I notice Katie has already mentioned the Gilmore Girls who would definitly be my second choice, but the show that’s leaping straight to the front of the queue is 1990s classic NORTHERN EXPOSURE – yes I’ll be heading for Cicely Alaska, and who will I be making a bee line for when I get there – CHRIS CHRIC CHRIS – oh yes. I have to say its a little worrying how easy it was for me to answer this question.

  32. It’s not a town, but I’d love to live in Downton Abbey. Or Saint Marie if I could avoid being murdered! Or, failing that, Seattle to hang out with Frasier and Niles.

  33. Bon Temps, Louisiana – because I’ve never seen a chubby vampire yet, and I’m certainly up for some shape shifting!

  34. My younger self would have said Capeside from Dawson’s Creek where I could have dated Pacey and lived happily ever after. Now I’m more thinking Nashville though . Seeing as this is letting us use our imaginations I would be an amazing country singer and life would be fairly CountryTastic 🙂

  35. I wanna move the Portland depicted in Grimm, but would avoid all the characters because who needs those kinds of headaches??

  36. I think I changed my mind five times on where I would want to move while reading these comments but I think I would have to go with the Tardis I could definitely use a little adventure!

  37. I buggered that one up…I’d love to move to Bluebell and hang out with Dr Hart. Anyone could look completely sane near clumsy Zoe Hart – Hart of Dixie

  38. Hertfordshire from Pride & Prejudice! And I’d hang with Elizabeth & Darcy LOL

  39. Definitely NYC – who doesn’t love NYC? – and split my time between the casts of Friends, Sex And The City, and Flight of the Conchords.

  40. Bugger! Living on the other side of the planet, I think I’ve missed the deadline by 17 minutes.

  41. I think I am late by GMT but not by CST. I would like to live in Port Issac aka Doc Martin’s Portwenn.

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