Eleven. Eleven!

Apple voice dictation

I think I have this voice recognition thing figured out now. I hadn’t noticed that you can change the language settings!

I had it on American English, which made me sound like a drunken lunatic. But thanks to Tamakikat‘s sage comment I discovered that you can download other languages. First I changed it to A stray Liam Australian English which worked a little better, but British English seems to be the most accurate.

For me anyway. It doesn’t like Gareth very much! We both read out this random paragraph from the guardian as an experiment:

Peter Moores has been given a second opportunity to coach England after his appointment was confirmed this morning. The 51-year-old Lancashire coach previously held the job between 2007 and 2009 but was dismissed after disappointing on-field results and a damaging personality clash with then captain Kevin Pietersen, who was also deposed.

My attempt:

Peter Moores has been given a second opportunity to coach England Archie’s appointment was confirmed this morning. The 51-year-old Lancashire coach previously held the job between 2000 and 70,009 that was dismissed after disciplining on film results and damaging personality clash within Capt Kevin Peterson who was also the post.

Disciplining on film! Ooh er.

Gareth’s attempt:

Universe has begun a second opportunity to put a wind that is appointment is confirmed this morning and 51 year old Lancashire Court juicy has adopted 2000 70,009 was dismissed after disappointing onto themselves and damaging personality clash with them Two Kevin Peterson result of the post.

I reckon Apple needs to fly a variety of Scots over to California and get working on this. You may recall that Siri cannae handle the accent either.

I kinda liked the surreal randomness of the American English dictations, maybe I’ll switch it back!

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14 thoughts on “Eleven. Eleven!

  1. It’s not too bad – I spend my working days swinging from homicidal to hysterical as I drag Dragon Dictate through psych files…the latest was – “He imagined a hawk could be attached to his amputated forearm.” It was supposed to be a hook.

  2. “Certainly doesn’t understand northern Irish” I just dictated that!!! It does understand Northern Irish although left out the final word. Another new thing I have learnt to do. Hope you are recovering well.

  3. LOL Gareth’s version!

    I have the same problem with voice menus on customer service calls. They never understand me! I have a non-accented American voice and they still don’t translate me. How many different ways are there to pronounce YES?

    And I’m another who never knew my Mac could do this. Hm, the possibilities seem endless!

  4. Hah! As soon as I saw the Eleven. ELEVEN! in the title, I knew what you were going to be talking about. It’s one of my family’s favourite things to quote whenever accents and the inability to understand ours comes up (despite our accents being pretty much the least unScottish accent you can find nowadays due to living abroad!).

    Voice recognition on Android’s dreadful, too – even on British English, you still need to put on an American accent for it to understand 2/5 words you say… and that’s if you can put on a half convincing American accent, unlike my Dad. Whose American accent is as convincing as Sean Connery’s.

  5. The sad thing about the video, I had to watch 3 times before I understood everything that was being said. 🙂 I’m pretty sure the Scotts are not speaking English. Thanks for the laugh.

  6. There is a podcast, “Coffee Break French,” that is produced in Scotland. I can understand the teacher a little better in French sometimes than in his version of English. I get the sense that I might need subtitles for Gareth.

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