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Here I am again with another terrible voice dictation. It’s been nearly four weeks and I’m finding that the straight in English Australian English! is working better now, because the more cranky I get delivered I get with it, the more Aussie my voice becomes.

last week I didn’t manage to post, Jeanette kindly gave me free pass from our writing pact. I was feeling very thanks D thanks D ANGSTY and I didn’t want to leave a miserable post sitting up there all week. I nearly flaked out again tonight but Gareth centimetres now said to me just now, “five dollars US is almost 3 British pounds, I can’t believe you’re giving up so easily”.

Gareth parents are currently in town and tonight we went to the doors in. Dublin. fuck. DORES INN for dinner. Also known as home of the giant scones. 10 months on from her accident, Mary is doing brilliantly and getting ever stronger. And thus I resolve to be likewise. Pow!

I took the above photo at 9:08 PM. I know it looks kind of obnoxious when people put hashtag no filter on insta grand photos, but I just wanted to say that this one doesn’t have any filter because I’m really blown away by how beautiful lochness was, or nutshell. AU NATUREL.

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15 thoughts on “Spot the monster

  1. Yay! I am much happier to read your posts than to get $5 or £3.

    There was an episode of “The Good Wife” this week where a client accidentally tipped off his lawyers that he was guilty because his dictation software spelled “purchase” as “perches” which made me think of you. Not because I think you’re running an illegal online drug store, but because of the dictation struggles. Hopefully you’ll be able to start typing posts again soon.

  2. Gorgeous photo — but no Nessie in sight! Hope you are back to real typing soon, but these are kind of amusing to read.

  3. I LOVE “or nutshell” in lieu of au naturel. Anti-snob, to be sure. =) Good for you re: getting something up/down. And WOO-HOO re: Mary. That’s fantastic. I really respect that kind of bravery & discipline. xo

  4. Glad to see the dictation software is working out so well for you. 🙂

    Honestly, I think you should keep it around even after your full recovery, for days when you can’t think what you’d like to write about – instant blog post just by trying to get the stupid thing to figure out what you’re trying to say!


    1. Gareth just pointed out I’d not replied to this, I’d only done so in my head! He’ll yeah that would be so cool if you painted it. I will send you the original!

  5. That is a gorgeous photo! Did you use some kind of filter? (Just kidding).

    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling rather Thanks D, but I do enjoy these dicta-posts.

  6. I’ve been reading you for years but rarely comment. But I just wanted to leave you some encouragement and a brightly colored pair of yoga pants and an American $5 bill. Hope your arm mends soon.

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