Life: you’re doing it all wrong

Battling ropes
Chalky hands + battling ropes = happiness
  • Do you ever have those grumpy, paranoid weeks where you feel like you’re the most incompetent person on the planet? That you have nothing of interest to offer and you’ll soon be living in a cardboard box? I’m sure studies have found this phenomenon is 73% more common amongst the self-employed, as there’s no one around to tell you to please be quiet and go make a round of tea for the team.
  • Thank goodness for exercise to restore perspective. I switched my weekly personal training session to 6.30AM as part of Operation Morning Person, which after a decade in operation has finally stuck. Today Shona let me loose on the battling ropes, those weighted rope thingies that you wave up and down. Holy whole body workout, Batman! I could only manage short intervals but afterwards I felt calm, determined; brain realigned with body.
  • We tried to figure out the name of that cat by calling out test names and seeing if he reacted. Hey Tiddles. Bawbag. Fluffhead. Heisenberg. He never really reacts to us anyway so the results were inconclusive. Gareth now generally calls him Donut; I call him Marcel Kitten (that’s one for the Tour de France nerds).
  • The Commonwealth Games start in Glasgow TONIGHT! Bring on the lawn bowls and weird Australian team uniforms! Back in the mid-naughties I worked for a member of the bid team and the 2014 Games sounded impossibly far away. I remember typing up various letters and documents and thinking, I will be so old in 2014 but I’ll be all glamorous and together by then. Ahh, youth!

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29 thoughts on “Life: you’re doing it all wrong

  1. My cat growing up was named Heisenberg! But he was a gray tabby. Smartest cat I ever had. Maybe he was living up to the name?

  2. I’ve taken to calling him/her Goldilocks. Someone’s been sitting in my chair! Someone’s been sleeping in my bed! Has the cat eaten your porridge yet?

  3. Oh Shauna……..I know all about those ropes! We fight with them at boot camp on a regular basis…….yesterday as a matter of fact! :-O

    Good for you on the early morning workouts…..only way to go.


  4. This post gave me an intense desire to wave battling ropes around. Having no idea where to find battling ropes, I may have to settle for, what? Shoelaces? Rolled up fleece blankets? Scarves?

    1. Me too — after all those years of watching them on The Biggest Loser, I’d love to give them a try.

      Love Heisenberg — but are you thinking of the physicist or Walter White?

      He also looks a little bit like Henri, Le Chat Noir (who is black and white and not just black).

        1. If I had two cats I might well call them Heisenberg and Schrodinger. Alas, I’m allergic to them. We do have a daft neighbourhood mog who wanders into our house sometimes, but he appears to be terrified of us and nearly jumped out of an upstairs window the other day when my husband surprised him on the landing. That wouldn’t have been a good idea over our paved drive.

  5. In my opinion a cat’s name is whatever you yell at him when you catch him destroying something! I have had one Butthead and at present a Listen Junior!

  6. =) Inspiring re: 6:30 a.m. workout date. Wow. I need me some of that exhaust-the-body/calm-the-brain action.

    I believe your test for the cat’s name belies your canine past. They don’t respond to their names being called. They respond to tins of tuna being opened. Kitty. Not dog. Not into labels. Or English. Doesn’t need it. Just IS, and is fabulous at it. =) xoxo

  7. Those ropes look like so much fun! Our dog was called Denis Menchov for a while, only because she’d run around the room madly whenever we called her that – from one Tour nerd to another. Loved the Scottie dogs at the opening ceremony. Inspired choice!

  8. Wow. That is dedication – a non morning person scheduling 0630 am work outs. I have never seen those sort of workout ropes. Our trainer uses actual ropey ropes. Hawsers? Like you would moor a big boat with. Love the cat and his attitude.

  9. Nope, you cannot be the most incompetent, least interesting person on the planet, because I am. One of those weeks, indeed. Perhaps it’s the post-travel miseries. Or the thought of going back to work after two whole months off.

    Or maybe I just need to get my arse back to the gym.

  10. My two cats are officially named Knick-knack and Paddy-whack – or Nick and Paddy for short. However, they are never called by those names. When we speak about them they are referred to as Black Cat and Tabby Cat. When we are calling them they are Kitty and Other Kitty. These names are interchangeable as it depends on which one turns up first.

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