Thank you, Cat People

… for your fab and funny comments on the last post. I learned a lot, too. Who knew there were microchipped cat flaps that only let in the right cat?

I think the cat must have sensed all the adoration coming its way as he’s been extra aloof this week. No interest in affection; too busy trying to catch insects and snoozing on the shed roof.

Cat on the roof

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8 thoughts on “Thank you, Cat People

  1. Neglected to comment on the last post, but it was seriously one of the best things I have ever read in blogland. And, great photos.

  2. That’s a cat for you. It’s all ‘like me, love me, hold me, meow… me me with youuuuu! ‘ . Then , you give em a little love and it’s all nose and tail in the air ‘ who the heck are you ‘.

    1. Wow Julie! Those little rotters get around.

      “‘I feel like one of those women on the talk show, you know, “my husband has two wives.” My cat has two families,’ she said.”

      I feel guilty now! 😉

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