Come over for your tea, Robert Plant

Do you think Robert Plant ever Googles himself? I bet he doesn’t because he’s Robert Plant. He’s quietly aware that he’s magnificent and has no need to click through to the 25,675th page of search results to find some random loon banging on, ROBERT PLANT IS MAGNIFICENT. But I’m going to do it anyway.

Last night I was re-watching his set from Glastonbury 2014 and kept thinking that he’s ace in so many ways. So I made a list.

  • He was in Led Zeppelin, one of the greatest bands of all time, but he doesn’t go on about it. I also saw the documentary Robert Plant: By Myself earlier this year, where talks about their massive success and how great that time was, but he’s kinda modest and matter of fact, and it’s clear that he’s had this whole other life since then.
  • He never rests on his laurels. He’s always evolving, dabbling with new sounds and genres, and collaborating with new people.
  • He doesn’t strut around like it’s still 1970 with the bare chest and unfathomably snug jeans. He is where he is, and looks totally cool with that. As you would be if you were Robert Plant.
    Robert Plant
  • That Glastonbury show is full of classic Zeppelin tunes because he knows that’s what the people want. He’s not one of those folks that get uptight about playing the old hits…
  • … but he makes them new.  He and his incredible band cooked up cool versions that mix “African Trance, Psychedelia, and 21st century warped dance beats”. It wasn’t at all cringe-worthy and at no point do you think WHERE’S JIMMY?
  • (It was a different experience seeing Tom Jones at the Belladrum festival last Friday night. He did It’s Not Unusual with a quasi-reggae beat! And the famous brass intro was nowhere to be heard! That’s the best bloody bit, TOM!)
  • His band is full of brilliant musicians and they feel like a band. He steps aside and listens appreciatively during their solos, letting them have their moment.
  • He looks like he’s having fun the whole time and still sings like he means it. Not phoning it in for the dosh.
  • In one song he lets the guitarist’s son wander up to the front of the stage to dance around. How many stars would put their ego aside for that? He’s Robert Plant, he can share, nae bother!

He’s the perfect blueprint for rock stars on how to grow older gracefully. Stay curious, never stop learning and evolving, be generous to others, and keep your mane in good nick… all while retaining your original magic and charisma. He’s at the top of my fantasy Famous Folks To Have Over For Dinner list.

No, wait… what the hell would you cook for Robert Plant? That’s too much pressure!

Robert Plant

Photos: hypervocal; anchorshop.

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20 thoughts on “Come over for your tea, Robert Plant

  1. So agree with you! Robert Plant is a true musician, a star, a
    mensch. He was gloriously sexy in his hey day and he evolved, still makes him gloriously sexy in my book. Only regret, never saw him play live.

  2. Nice analysis Shauna! He could just totally kick back in the mansion and count his millions. He is one of the few who’ve mellowed in a cool way.

    How could he even stand in those tight tight pants? Yikes!

  3. ‘He’s the perfect blueprint for rockstars on how to grow older gracefully.’ I’m thinking not just rockstars but really all of us….we could all do this. Perhaps not the music side of things though. I’m a fan of his Led Zeppelin tunes 🙂 Still love ‘Stairway to Heaven’. Just as an aside, I once rang our local radio station during their request show to ask them to play ‘Stairway to Heaven’. They refused as it was considered too radical. Gotta love the ’80’s censors!

    1. Hey Mum I remember you playing the greatest hits in the car and happily drumming on the steering wheel 🙂

      1. Shauna , Led Zeppelin are my all-time favourite band. Your Dad hated them, so of course I would blast them as often as I could on the old stereo! he he Rodney and I saw Plant when He toured here last – it was great. Yeah, he’s still got it ♥

  4. Couldn’t agree more. I can confirm he has absolutely no ego, as I very occasionally run into him in our local rock club. (He lives not too far from us). He’s a true hero of mine but just an ordinary very lovely guy who’s always happy to chat to us mere mortals. (Obviously I have never actually summoned up the courage to chat to him, but many friends of mine are the proud owners of RP selfies!)

  5. Love stars who can keep growing and evolving and don’t try to hold onto their glory days (though I can’t blame the latter, either).

  6. I actually have “Have dinner with Mark Knopfler” as number 38 on my list of 100 goals. I think he’s a rocker who’s doing the growing older thing right and is a genius as well. I don’t think I’d be cooking though. I’d want to spend the time chatting. I also adore Robert Plant. I once went to his concert alone because I knew that no one else I knew would “get it”. LOL! I vote for going to a great restaurant where you can order fabulous food and focus on the fabulous company. 🙂

  7. I heard on Radio National yesterday that the BBC Radio 2 conducted a survey for the most memorable guitar riff. The winner? Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’. Am I surprised? No.

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