Everyday Life: July 2014

We went down to Dunfermline to visit the in-laws and I spent the whole weekend sneezing and crying. Good ol’ Fife pollen.

We got the royal tour of the allotment…

Sweet peas

It’s unrecognisable from the weedy wasteland we inherited back in 2011. It’s now crammed with tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blueberries, leeks, onions, carrots, pumpkins, broad beans, peas, rhubarb, courgettes and even wee apple trees. David and Mary have put so much hard work into it.


Peas and raspberry

Meanwhile back in Inverness there’s only one plant in our little rental back yard, but it’s a goodun. It heaved with bees all through July, and a few butterflies too…

Backyard butterfly

Neighbour’s Cat/Donut/Marcel Kitten spent much of the month sprawled out on the deck looking like a sheep waiting to be shorn. He stared up at the insects and occasionally got up to try (and fail) to catch one.

Lounging cat

This packet of bread rolls cracked me up.

One of the better bakers

Things are hotting up with only 43 days until the Scottish independence referendum. The Yes stickers seems to be slathered on more objects than No Thanks stickers round these parts.


Lots of nice sunny days in July…

Sunshine on Inverness

… but some rainy ones too, of course. Here’s some a band of American and Canadian pipers getting soaked at the Inverness Highland Games.

Inverness Highland Games

All month I was obsessed with spotting roses on my walks. It was so bloody windy I could never quite catch them in the frame.


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11 thoughts on “Everyday Life: July 2014

  1. I am very jealous that you have a Butterfly Bush in your backyard! I stalk a front yard down the street, sniffing the flowers on my way back and forth to work. This winter in Canada was a hard one for Butterfly Bushes, many didn’t regrow, and those that did are far behind their usual blooming schedule.

  2. This is so weird — I was just in Dunfermline in June; I played with a choir from the US that did a concert at the Dunfermline Chapel. What a beautiful spot!

  3. The sweet peas look fabulous. I loved the caption on the bread too – how nice of them not to be too boastful : )

  4. I think you Scots are setting your sights too low – instead of Independence, why not Invasion? Get out your kilts and woad and all of England could be yours!

  5. I love the almost missed rose pictures – captures what it was really – windy and rainy – so much better than instagramed perfection. “One of the Better Bakers” Great under sell, its like when you go past a pub with a sign saying “Food available” like its availabilty is the best thing its got going for it!

  6. There are just not enough kilts in my daily life. There are a decent amount (I do live in Portland, OR and regularly see a kilted Darth Vader unicycling around town playing the bagpipes) but just not enough.

  7. Ah, the allotment. I half-yearn for an allotment but have to concede that since I can barely keep our handkerchief-sized garden under control, it would probably not be a good idea.

    It has been unusually nice weather this summer, though – up until the last few days, anyway…

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