Everyday Life: August 2014

August was a funny old month. Lots of work, yet lots of laziness and idle browsing of #gelato on Instagram!

Daily braindump. I don’t think I’ve ever said the word “yikes” out loud, but it appeared. What’s next? Jeepers!

Diary angst

Spontaneous stop to watch these seals lounging around…


It was hilarious seeing them scuttle off as the tide crept in, with these two determined to stay put until the last scrap of sand disappeared.

Seals at Dornoch Firth

Morning walk along the Caledonian Canal.

Caledonian Canal

A rainy night at the Belladrum Festival, watching Tom Jones butcher the classics and Gareth nervously watching people drinking beer that he’d made. And other vessel to add to his annoying inanimate objects with first person copy list, too. Mwahahaha.

Belladrum Festival

ITV showed the Star Wars trilogy over three Saturday nights. Marcel/Neighbour Cat invited himself over for the first two, but took off after ten minutes of Return of the Jedi. Even cats know that one stinks.

Cat watching Star Wars

(I hope you appreciate my restraint at only posting one cat photo!)

Greta garbage bin…

Garbage bin

More roses…

More roses in Inverness

Ducks old and new on the River Ness…


Plus a heron after a rainy night.

Plus a heron after a rainy night

We finished the month with Sunday lunch at the Ben Leva Hotel, which is home to the Loch Ness Brewery. This is my favourite pub up here. It is so laid back and quiet and there’s always a dog or two lounging around, sometimes staring at you mournfully while you eat. A Sunday roast isn’t something that looks particularly good when photographed but it was bloody delicious!

Sunday roast at the Ben Leva Hotel

There’s also this massive, gorgeous tree out the front.


I have no idea what kind of tree it is, but it’s pretty much how I used to imagine the Magic Faraway Tree. Get climbing to the Land of Goodies!

Massive tree at the Ben Leva Hotel

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14 thoughts on “Everyday Life: August 2014

  1. I want to climb that tree. It’s so beautiful. On second thoughts, perhaps I should just read a book while sitting under it. I think my tree climbing days are over.

  2. Super excited now for our trip to Inverness at the end of the month. Put in a good word with the weather, would you? 🙂

  3. There is always such gorgeous light in your photos lately. Is Inverness sunnier than your old digs or is it just that it’s summer? I’m always happy to see a post of yours pop up in Feedly.

  4. Wow. Such lovely things. Very fun virtual peek “over there.”

    1) SUPER jealous of your a.m. canal walk option–SO lovely. Y’all must get RAIN? =) So far we’ve had 2 new fires and an older one flare up in the vicinity this weekend–summer in droughty California. Keeps things interesting. Good for you re: walkies! =)

    2) love the twisty tree: there’s a spot in the “Grove of the Patriarchs”, a short hike in Mount Rainier National Park (Washington state) riddled with HUGE HUGE HUGE trees, where two giant trees are growing right next to each other. Same species, but one has a gene (or genes?) that makes it twist as it grows and the other tree does not. It’s a fabulous place to see how this one little genetic diff. –> very different results. 3rd photo down at http://www.shannontech.com/ParkVision/MtRainier/MtRainier15.html.

    3) I am NOT super relieved re: only 1 kitty photo. A truly cinematic kitty that I’d be delighted to see more of . So charming!

  5. Is it a bad thing that as soon as I saw the word “gelato” in your post, I very nearly missed everything else afterwards? (I’m quietly obsessed with making pistachio gelato at home – yum!)

  6. That canal is seriously gorgeous. And now I’m going to have to start looking for product with first person copy to send pictures of to Gareth (I also get a kick out of him yelling at said product as if animate :))

  7. Ah, has Dr G given up on the vegetarianism these days, or is this just a lapse? This post has really put me in the mood for brussel sprouts….

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