Rain and gloom on the A9

Everyday Life: November 2014

November began as usual with a birthday, the highlight of which being this card from Rhiannon:

Happy birthday to me

The last of the Autumn colour…

Autumn sun

Arrived home one night, flipped on the lights and found Neighbour Cat waiting.

Step cat

After many long and boring months of slowly re-building the post-surgery forearm strength, I finally got back into proper heavy weight training this month! Mondays is the big lifts with Shona, then I do kettlebells on my own during the week. It’s good to feel back in the groove.


There were some eerie, foggy days which made the cold feel kind of glamourous…

River Ness footbridge

Gareth made his first ever loaf of bread and reckons it is much harder than brewing. This loaf had a brilliant crust but a bit doughy inside; Loaf #2 was much better!

Gareth's first loaf

At the end of the month the Christmas lights were switched on in town. I switched the Christmas lights on in the flat, handily still up from last Christmas.

Christmas lights

This month I wanted to keep a better eye out for Everyday Life details, but so much of November was poorly lit, rain soaked and/or and me sitting a desk gawking at a computer screen. It was totally mundane. So in the spirit of transparency and possibly an antidote to perfectly manicured house blogs, I’ll share this photo of our dinky rental kitchen/living room that still looks like we moved in yesterday (those beer boxes are storage, not beer; due to cupboard shortage in flat).

Title: Neighbour Cat Sitting On Toolbox, Looking Judgemental.

Toolbox cat

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20 thoughts on “Everyday Life: November 2014

  1. Heartily approve of the crust on that loaf! Has G made beer bread yet? Is delicious.

    And kitten is sitting on my lap purring like a lawnmower. Keeps trying to move the mouse (ha). Think this means she approves of neighbour cat.

  2. You are just as good a storyteller with pictures as with words! Scotland always looks so lush & beautiful. That cat does indeed seem judgmental in that poised, feet-perfectly-together, I’m-not-saying-a-word way. I love cats, even those that look down their nose at you 🙂

  3. I love Rhiannon’s personalisation of the birthday card. I once sent a 21st card to my neighbour when she turned 80 – she loved it.

  4. We have the same neighbor cat situation going on . I just heated up water in the kettle to mix with his cat food so he’s not eating cold food out in the cold.

  5. Neighbor cat is gigantic! In that last pic I can finally get the scale. My cats are both on the small side.

    The bridge looks pretty with its snowflakes. I miss that fall light so much. Winter is just so gray.

    Happy December!

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