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Julia Jones in da tub

It’s Publication Day for our Up & Running book! Why a pic of Julia Jones in a tub? Well, when Dietgirl came out I didn’t properly enjoy P-Day. I felt scared, fraudulent and undeserving. Back then I still believed if I dared celebrate something I’d be immediately struck down for being so indulgent (see also: iPhone laundering incident).

But now I appreciate that life is random and you can’t dress rehearse disaster (paraphrasing Brené Brown), so you have to soak up these moments!

I went a bit bonkers during the writing part of Dietgirl, too. I had a meltdown over the last chapter, one which Gareth never tires of re-enacting. I somehow wound up kneeling on the floor, punching the seat of my chair while howling, “I CAN’T DOOOO THIIIIIS!”.

This time I declared I would enjoy the process. Every time Gareth looked in while Julia and I were writing he’d ask, “Are you punching the chair yet?” and I’d be all, “Nooooo… still good!” and he’d look disappointed.

I think it comes from knowing you’ve done it before and that it’s meant to be hard, but also from not having your entire self-worth tied up in the project. This time I just loved the act of creation and collaborating, even the months when I had to use that bloody voice dictation software.

So Julia lounging up there in the bathtub (snapped during the book’s photoshoot) sums up a fun and relaaaaaxed process and for once in my life, I reckon I’ve been fully present for it all. A large gin shall be quaffed tonight. Woohoo!

I wanted to say mega thanks to my friends and family and blog pals for being so patient during those writing months, to the Up & Running community for your fantastic contributions, and for always inspiring us, to the good folks at CICO Books, and of course to Julia for everything!

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27 thoughts on “Enjoy the process

  1. YAY! Many congratulations.
    You’re a veteran now. Glad you’ve been able to enjoy it a bit more this time around!

  2. Someday I hope you’ll feel brave enough to publish the selfie we took in the park with the crazed looks on our face and the models in the background – hahah! CONGRATS SHAUNA!! Amsterdam Ring Ching!

  3. Congratulations to you both! I’m sure it will be hugely successful, and I’m so glad you were able to do it without meltdowns. Although, I would dearly love to see Gareth re-enacting the chair punching scene, especially if it’s as funny as his imitation of you going down hills with your walking sticks. Can you maybe tape him doing it? 😀

  4. Love the punch-the-chair story. It was probably sneering at you, right? And I loved the voice dictation outtakes! LOL. Kudos, Shauna. Enjoy your G&T!

  5. Congratulations!!!! That is the super most fabulous.

    Present during the process?? Enjoying it? That is something I need to work on. I can enjoy lots of things, but if I’m in the throws of deadline, I typically put on blinders and just PUSH, NOT soaking up whatever-would-be-nice. So, that is HUGE. You are learning SO much, and I am grateful that you are sharing it. =)

    Hey, does this mean you are now a grown up? Seems pretty much like it to me… =) xo

    1. Grown up! Maybe! 🙂

      I think having Julia there really helped coz it dragged me out of my brain cave, y’know? I’m not sure it would have been like that if it was just a solo effort. What you describe I can totally relate to 🙂

  6. Congrats on your book! I loved Dietgirl, so I just placed an order for this book. I’ve been putzing around about running a 5k forever, so I’m hopeful that your book will push me in the right direction!

  7. Just thought I would share. I had Up and Running sitting on the coffee table today when I hosted our monthly Book Club meeting. Several of ladies picked it up for a browse. “My knees aren’t wait they used to be”, says one. “If only I was 30 years younger”, says another, “I’d give it a go.” Ah, the spirit is willing at any age. My lovely friends are nearly eighty.

  8. I miss your regular posts. Waiting a month between Shauna posts is too long!.
    Note: Not a jab at you, just honestly miss your witty writing.

    1. Oh thank you for commenting, Nicole! It is nice to be missed! 🙂 I have no idea what happened to January! Where the heck did it go? I’m getting back on the case as we speak. Belated happy new year to you!

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