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Everyday Life: December 2014 and January 2015

Praise be to Christmas lights, for without them a December 4pm would be so depressing…

Inverness high street at Christmas

I know it looks sad but promise we haven’t resorted to dressing up Neighbour Cat. Her December caper was to come in all miserable from the rain and stare at us until we dried her off with a tea towel…

Be merry

We went to London for Christmas. Just myself, Gareth and Rhiannon, it was the laziest low-key Christmas ever. We had breakfast at 11am, lunch at 4pm and dessert at 10pm, with lots of old movies and rum punch between courses.

Rum punch

Rhi had a real Christmas tree, only the second we’ve had. The first was thirteen years earlier back in Australia, where the needles turned brown after a week and our handmade cookie decorations melted then got scoffed by ants.

Christmas tree

The day after Boxing Day we went for a walk in town, where the crowds had gathered for the Changing of the Guard.

Dudes on The Mall in London

St James's Park, London

Alfie waved hello to 2015…

Hello from Alfie

Gareth really got into his bread making.


As per tradition the first two weeks of January were all about laying low and worrying what a new year would bring. I got myself together and spent the rest of the month focusing on Fitbitting 10,000 steps per day, to rack up a small sense of achievement. The snow made it fun.

Snow in the

Speaking of snow, there were some cracking Highland views from the Perth – Inverness train!

Highland views from the Perth - Inverness train

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14 thoughts on “Everyday Life: December 2014 and January 2015

  1. Your xmas sounds wonderful – I had a quiet one too this year as t’bf and I actually got to have xmas with just us. It was a delight!

    I also love that photo of one cat foot sticking above the armchair. Hehehehe. Also, the feline bread QA process.

  2. Great update! Love the snow pictures, but have seen quite enough of the white stuff here in Pennsylvania this year!

    Love Alfie…..such great adoptive parents you are to dry him after he gets soaked by the rain! He has a pretty sweet deal with you two!

    Hope 2015 brings you nothing but joy & prosperity!


  3. oh I miss scotland when I see your pictures – though I could probably count on one hand the christmases that I haven’t had a real tree – and I loved the scottish ones because they were so sturdy. love the lights and snow and your christmas day sounds very relaxing

  4. So, do you prefer Christmas in Scotland or Australia? To me, the holiday is so inextricably tied to cold weather, it seems very odd that Southern Hemis celebrate it in summer. Just think of the Christmas carols alone! So much snow.

    I love Neighbor Cat. Nothing makes a home cozier than a cat, even if she’s just visiting.

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