Everyday Life: February 2015

Another month, another snowy jaunt down the A9…

Snow on the A9

I was also back in London to hang out with some our lovely Up & Running Alumni members to celebrate the book coming out, including a DIY 5K that began in front of Buckingham Palace (Rhi and I had planned the route at Christmas).

Buckingham Palace meetup for Up & Running

Julia left Jennie and I in charge of her son Evan for a couple of hours. First act of child minding: “Climb up on that lion, kid!”

Evan in Trafalgar Square

Now here’s the Neighbour Cat photo of the month.

Alfie does the Thriller dance

I like to think she was dreaming of being a dancer in the Thriller video…

Thriller dance

There were glimmers of sunshine amongst the grim and grey. This was from a walk on the Black Isle, not far from the brewery.

Horse on the Black Isle

I loved the second paragraph of this unsubscribe email. When I’m looking for airport parking I’m looking for the bargain of a lifetime!


The lovely in-laws Mary and David came up for a visit. I took them to the Botanic Gardens to contemplate the cactii, which I like to do when it’s maximum miserable outside.

The cactus room at Inverness Botanic Garden


Friendly flower

I’m sorry this is such an uninspired update! Aside from London, February was a real zombie of a month. I’ll make a better effort to open my eyes in March!

River Ness at sunset

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16 thoughts on “Everyday Life: February 2015

  1. I thought that was a great update. You always crack me up, with Neighbor Cat’s Thriller dance moves and “Orright how’s it goin lads?”

    Of course with me being in Texas, your pics of snow and London seem very exotic. All except the one of the cacti, which seems pretty normal! Ha ha. (Truthfully, though, it’s more bayous and greenery in my part of the state rather than deserts and cacti).

    Hope your March is going well and the sun is peeking out more.

    1. Aww thanks dear Julie!

      Bayous and greenery sounds dreamy 🙂

      Hope you have a marvellous March, too! There’s a hint of sun here today… YESSSS!

  2. I love the way you describe things (“a real zombie of a month” –haha!), and I agree with Julia that the photos are exotic to us Yanks. The first one is especially beautiful. Thank you for posting and giving us a shred of joy.

  3. Shauna,

    Thanks for the update & photos. I appreciate them. Glad to see Neighbor Cat is still with you.
    Wishing you a lovely, sunny March.


  4. I desperately want to sneak along on one of your Up & Running meetups. Someday when my credit card balances are all knocked down…

  5. Lovely and amusing, as ever. That 1st shot might look great blown up & printed on fabric. Or some such similar shot you’ve taken. LOVE the quiet in it.

    MANY years ago when I was in grad school, California girl learning in the FROZEN MIDWEST, I got to visit the desert room at a local botanical garden ONE time, and I STILL remember the blissful heat & dryness of it. WOW. So restorative. And smells entirely different.

    Loving your photography. And your charming neighborhood kitty. =)

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