Phoning it in

Ducks of Inverness

I remember Jillian Michaels screaming Don’t phone it in! during in her 30 Day Shred DVD, probably as I slumped on the couch pouring water over my head. I haven’t done that DVD in yonks but that phrase stayed with me. Don’t phone it in. Don’t half arse it.

Yet here I am at 11.30pm with my Blogging Pact deadline closing in, the Conservative Party oh so close to collecting £5 from me. I have no excuse, just bloody disorganised. Can I blame The Mothership’s impending arrival? Not really. She is low maintenance these days and no longer says things like, “When was the last time you cleaned underneath the oven?”.

Anyway, I have an action plan for next week. I’m putting down the phone.

By the way, does anyone watch The Americans? I don’t know anyone else who watches it so I’m dying to talk about it. It’s the 1980s, Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell are KGB agents undercover in the US. There’s gazillions of terrible wigs and Keri Russell is so badass that Felicity is forever banished from my mind.

Here is Neighbour Cat. Her latest thing is dropping by to Sleep On A Bag. A wheelie suitcase, my handbag, my gym bag, and here upon a pile of grocery bags. She just curls up then shall not be moved for three hours.

Alfie kitten

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22 thoughts on “Phoning it in

  1. I watch the Americans! Well, I “watch” it in the way I “eat” apple crumble, i.e. I would steal your portion and lick the plate clean. I am just so obsessed with her hair and the outfits and his sideburns and the glasses and did I mention her hair? I think it’s a really interesting show – it’s slightly schlocky and trashy but the characters are much better drawn than they have any right to be for a series like this. SO GOOD.

  2. I’ve never seen The Americans (typed an American), but I don’t have TV: Netflix only, for now.

    HOWEVER, can you imagine taking a nap on an orange bag on an orange-red couch and looking THAT STUNNING?!? Sheesh. An embarrassment of riches. =)

    There’s phoning it in, and there’s getting to done. You did it–woo-hoo! =) A phrase I learned from a friend which can help if I’m stuck in Perfectionist Land is:
    “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth finishing.”

  3. I am binging my way through Season 2 and keep saying “I need someone to talk to about The Americans!” I have a huge crush on Matthew Rhys–even more so after I heard his real accent.

  4. Love The Americans! Surely you’ll find someone else who watches it soon. The lead actors are great (especially Kerry Russell), the stories are interesting, and I enjoy reliving the 80s. (Not that I was a Russian spy).

    It is good to know that cats on both sides of the Atlantic enjoy settling down on a nice plastic bag, wheelie bag, or (in our case) drum bag.

  5. I watch the Americans, too…comrade. So fun to go back to the pre-cellphone era. And I’m digging Philip’s black shag wig in Season 3. I think he’s finally found his look–struggling 80s rocker/record producer.

  6. Your mother would love me – I’ve lived in my flat since September 2013 and I’ve never cleaned the oven, let alone underneath it!

  7. Another Keri Russell offering that helped me to banish Felicity from my mind was ‘Waitress’ – a strangely compelling film. I highly recommend. I really haven’t thought about pies in the same way since.

    I say *high fives* to getting it done.

  8. So you’ve gotten many Americans fan responses here – I’m on the list too. Despite the crazy non-disguises and the fact that their kids are ridiculously unaware of their actions! I get over those details and really enjoy the show. The throw back clothes and hair styles are fun. And the main actors are really fun to watch. We watched the first two seasons on Netflix and now we’re watching season three as it plays first run. There are similar shows but my boyfriend and I enjoy this one! Also, we have not found any friends or family that watches!!

  9. Yep, I’m another who loves seeing neighbour cat lounging at your place! We have a neighbour who visits with both their dog and cat! Another neighbourhood cat comes over independently to have a prowl around the flat – it’s like a zoo here some days!

  10. I wonder if the reason you are reluctant to blog is all the shitty comments you got in the weight-blogging days? Sometimes I think about writing about something, wince, and think, “I’ll just keep that to myself so the know-it-all-commenters won’t feel required to twist the knife.”

    1. Heya Jen… there is a little bit of that sometimes… I don’t miss those comments! But lately rather than reluctance it’s been a combo of tiredness and disorganisation! Because I work online all day for my clients doing blogging-related things, my eyeballs and brain get tired. I’ve been looking at my schedule this week and reckon I want to start Fun Writing earlier in the week while I’m still fresh!

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