Everyday Life: March 2015

March kicked off with a night on Skye for our wedding anniversary. It poured the whole time, but that added a nice brooding atmosphere.

Rain at Glen Sheil

The best reason for a sneaky night away? B&B breakfast!

Skye Brekkie

I went to see the Scottish Ballet’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire. I loved it so so much!

Streetcar Named Desire - Scottish Ballet

I wish I had smart ballet-criticky ways of expressing this goodness. It was moody and sexy with a clever, elegant set and perfect music. I was completely engrossed from start to finish. Except for the scene where Blanche kisses the paperboy. Instantly the voice of Apu popped into my head, singing I am just a simple paperboy from The Simpsons episode and I nearly lost it.

The Mothership arrived later in month and we quickly got into a routine of morning walks. We strolled past the new skatepark with its resident Loch Ness Monster.

In Portlandia they put a bird on it; here in Inverness they put a Nessie on it.

Put a Nessie on it

Epic hopscotch.


March had all kinds of weather. Flooding…

Flooded Ness River


Last snow

… which made Neighbour Cat’s comings and goings less subtle.

Alfie's path

Then finally, some sunshine!

Sunshine at last

Neighbour Cat continued her thing for Sleeping On Bags, seen here in hedgehog pose.

Alfie the Hedgehog

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12 thoughts on “Everyday Life: March 2015

  1. Does Neighbor Cat do the thing our little weirdos do, lie down on a single piece of paper as if that makes things super-comfy? I am always baffled by this.

    Skye looks lovely!

    1. YES she does that… aren’t they weirdos? I want to try that thing that went viral a few months ago of taping a circle on the carpet and seeing if the cat sits inside it!

  2. What a lovely life. I love the pics of the cat and his tracks. I always think of James Bond when I hear of the Isle of Skye. Plus my husband’s family is supposedly descended from there too.

    While our landscape looks nothing like Scotland, our weather did the same. Flooding, snow, and Sun all in March. We had record snow fall in March in fact. Kids missed 4 days of school. Today the daffodils are bloomed and the trees buds have open. And my yard should have been mowed a week ago. We’ve gotten so much rain, everything is growing like mad. Thankfully the city is protected by a levy system or we’d be under water. Hope spring comes to you soon!

    1. The winter seems to have been relentless in your part of the world, glad you finally have signs of spring! Daffs are the best!

  3. Those mountains are lovely, goodness. Broody, indeed.

    I just realized while chatting w/husband yesterday that we’ve had precisely ZERO snow this year–California drought. Normally we get snow, usually a few times, every year. This is the first time I remember getting zero. However, we’re supposed to get some rain tonight, so hurrah! I’ll take it.

    That kitty is so terribly charming.

    And the ballet sounds amazing. What a brilliant idea to make that play into a ballet–I can see it working very well. Glad you are treating yourself well. =)

  4. I love Scotland and enjoy your photos SO much! Also adore kitties so snaps of neighbor cat are awesome! Hedgehog pose…..ROFL. I have stolen “cat loaf” to use at home as my cat sits that way A LOT! Now I also have Hedgehog pose to use! Thank you!

  5. I love all the comings and goings of Neighbor Cat! Our weather here was much the same…snow…rain…sun…mix of all three in one day….the usual!

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