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Friday night frights

It’s Friday night and there’s 47 minutes until my Scary Blog Deadline. The post I’ve been working on today won’t come together in time so I’ll blurt an old fashioned update.

I keep thinking of the lovely Jen’s comment on the Phoning It In post asking if there was any reluctance to blog stemming from unpleasant comments received in the weight loss blog days. I replied that while that does cross my mind sometimes, it’s mostly my being disorganised or knackered from work-related computering. But thinking deeper on it, I reckon there’s a bit of a stage fright.

I don’t know why but ever since Wally’s demise I’m full of big emotions all the bloody time. It’s either intense, frilly, full-o-the-joys thoughts or black humour morbid kind of thoughts. I shuffle paragraphs around in my head and by the time I open up WordPress I get all tongue tied. Will keep working on that.

Gareth is away at a work thing tonight so I’ve had a highly productive on my lonesome. As well as the blog post faffing I’ve:

  • mucked around with one of those “airbrush your face” iPhone apps, where they smooth your cheeks and douse you in sparkly Bratz doll eyeshadow. But technology could do nowt for my dark circles, inherited from my Mum’s side. They make the brunettes look brooding and mysterious but on ol’ ginger locks here it just looks like I’ve been in a brawl.
  • ran Gareth’s face through the same app; even more fun.
  • read six posts on the rather addictive My Morning Routines blog. Summarise: the key to world domination is to get up early and don’t check your email until you’ve done a thing that really means something to you.
  • enjoyed a brief visit by a certain fluffy creature who snoozed on Gareth’s backpack. I took a photo to send to Gareth but it couldn’t be delivered as his phone has buckled under the weight of fluffy creature updates and cannae take nae more.

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17 thoughts on “Friday night frights

  1. You can send me the fluffy creatures updates instead as my own fluffy creature went to the litterbox in the sky two weeks ago after nearly 21 years. Now I spend my time on petfinder.com whiling away the hours searching for hypoallergenic pets.

  2. Having cancer changes your life forever. My husband had melanoma, that thankfully had not spread, back in 2006. Still you’re always waiting for the other shoe to fall. You are never as safe and carefree as you were. I hope that other shoe doesn’t fall for you as it did for us when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 and incurable Prostate Cancer. Now we’re just trying to buy more time. It’s a totally new kind of normal, of doctor visits, drugs, treatments and abject terror about our future. Cancer sucks. Thank God they caught yours in time Shauna. I know you remain vigilant but I also know cancer forever changed you and Gareth.

  3. I’m a member of the dark circle club. Lately wrinkles have joined the fun. Plus I now wear bifocals, which highlight the whole mess. However, photo filter thingys worry me because when people see the real me as opposed to the filtered me they get very confused! I happen to think anything you write is pretty darn good.

    1. Thanks matey 🙂 And yes good point about the filters! “Hey you had no eye bags in your pictures and where’s your lilac mascara!?”

  4. Hang in there Shauna. The words will come eventually.

    LOL so many fluffy updates Gareth’s phone can’t handle them!

  5. Re. morning routines – is there a site like that but not, consisting of people who get up, inhale the nearest source of coffee, dunk Digestives and stare into the nearest screen reading Jezebel until the caffeine hits and they can make eye contact? Asking for a friend.

  6. I totally get it about the scary emotions and the stage fright – I find myself not wanting to write about big stuff but then feel like whatever replaces it just seems like fluff and then I think I preferred it when nobody (or, more particularly, my Mum) knew I had a blog and I felt free to just write… maybe I just need to get on with it and set my own scary blog deadline (maybe a UKIP donation if I don’t blog would be a big enough incentive – I’m not sure I could risk it though!). And the morning routines – part of me knows that I function much better first thing in the morning, part of me just feels bad reading these and thinking about my own shuffle to get cereal and coffee which is consumed in front of the news with phone in hand while I check Instagram…

    1. Oh man… you summed it up so perfectly, Gemma.

      If it helps, I always enjoy whatever you post! You’re in my Favourites folder in Feedly 😀

  7. The more we experience, the less we know for sure (sorry, Oprah)!?!?

    Hang on in there, faff around to your heart’s content, you will find your way!

  8. Not to wax COMPLETELY superficial (but I will), *fist bump* on the ol’ life-long circles-under-the-eyes thing. I’m blonde (so they show UP) & in my life, I’ve had this conversation w/strangers more than once:

    “Do you have a black eye?”*
    “Are you SURE?”

    At which point they get a “Really??” stare and a mumbled, “Yeah.”

    My grandmother reassured me (when I asked about it @ 13, thus disproving magazines’ most fav. answer of “age” to explain them):

    You got them from your great Aunt Florence.

    Grandmothers know EVERYTHING. =)

    Whether you’re wrestling with Big Issues, or posting pics of that fluffy wonder, I always enjoy your posts, so I’m v. glad you continue to crank them out. Your writing sprinkles that “Hooray, a post from Shauna!” feeling around the internet, and for that, I thank you. =)

    *A fairly popular variant is, “Do you have TWO black eyes?”

    1. Hehehehe SO funny and so awfully familiar! Nice to keep the spirit of Great Aunt Florence alive, under your eyes! 🙂

      Have you found any concealers of note to tone them down a little? I have tried so many pretty much given up.

      And thank you for the kind words!

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