Keen like a lemon

How grim is this NHS air freshener? Nothing says KEEN and LEMON like a bland grey stripe. It’s kind of charming, really.

NHS air freshener

Last week I had to get another mole removed; just a precautionary measure. I wish moles were called something more glamorous than moles, what a creepy word. Anyway, it was all very quick with barely enough time for chit chat.

“Remind me what you do for a living?” the doctor asked, while we waited for a second shot of local anaesthetic to kick in.

“I do freelance writing. Mostly online stuff.”

“What kind of stuff?”

“Writing blog posts for businesses.”

“What kinds of businesses?”

“All kinds of businesses.”

“How come they can’t write their own blog posts?”

“Because they’re too busy? Or they don’t like writing?”

“How do you manage to write about so many different topics?”

“I ask lots of questions. Or I visit the places I write about. Or I get on Google.”

“Ahh but there is so much rubbish on Google. All those sites that look legitimate but are actually dodgy.”

“True, but I’m pretty good at weeding out the rubbish!”

I still wasn’t quite numb so we had to go for a third shot.

“This is getting embarrassing,” I said. “I read somewhere that people with red hair need more anaesthesia.”

The doctor burst out laughing. “What did I just tell you about Google?”

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7 thoughts on “Keen like a lemon

  1. I read that too about the redheads and anaestheisa, and I totally believe it. Therefore I’m to be allowed to do whatever drugs I wish.

    Yes, “moles” is an unattractive word. I think I have voles in my garden, and that’s not any better.

  2. That’s hilarious! (sorry about the mole thing… I recently had one cut out, and since I have very spotty skin it won’t be the last. Maybe we can pronounce it “mo-lay” as though they were a bit French and posh or something?)

  3. I hope all turns out well.

    You are correct about redheads (genetic redheads) needing more meds. It’s been studied. I too am a redhead and have always had issues with any kind of medicine but especially anesthesia (local or general). I’ve had 33 surgeries in the last 28 years and have had countless medical professionals tell me that redheads have issues with medicines.

    1. Thanks Molly! 🙂 I just found out yesterday that the biopsy was benign… YASSSSS!

      That’s interesting that your medical folks say it’s true! I read up on it a lot, and found all these studies contradicting each other… but personal experience and from other ginger comrades it really does seem to be a Thing!

      Hope June is being good to you so far 🙂

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