Everyday Life: May 2015

We don’t have a garden but started the month with a jaunt to the local garden centre as we heard the cakes were good (agreed!).

If you’ve grown disillusioned by your fruitless search for the Loch Ness monster, you can plop the next best thing in the front yard – only £26.99!

Nessie for your garden

There was also more first-person signage for Gareth to be enraged by. He said this one didn’t bother him so much, as it’s a fair warning.

Third person cactii

(Did you know there’s now a word for this phenomenon – “whackaging”)

Neighbour Cat News: she now prefers to enter by the living room window, sometimes pausing for a snooze halfway through the journey.

Neighbour Cat at the window

Aside from mourning the end of Mad Men, May was a bit work heavy so I didn’t take many photos. Oh hang on, THE OVEN DOOR EXPLODED. I took a picture but I don’t want The Mothership seeing how mucky the oven was. Thank goodness it was safety glass, so it didn’t make too much mess, but there was glass all over the salmon. Of course it worked just fine for all Gareth’s oven chips, it bided its time and waited for something pricey to be inside it.

The month ended on a high with a trip to Edinburgh for a wee Up & Running meetup. Some were racing, some were supporting; all were in great spirits. I know only lived there two years and that was over a decade ago, but every time I get off that train it feels like the most right place in the world.

Edinburgh half marathoner leaders

We did a side trip to Glasgow to visit our awesome friend Clare. There were big blousy rhododendrons everywhere. If that’s what they are?

Rhododendron in Glasgow

I guzzled way too many coffees because there were so many good ones. By Sunday night my head felt like it was about to split in two, but it was so very worth it. Questionable latte art and all.

Questionable latte art

The weekend finished with a spontaneous revival of the Whisky Project. I found one I liked! Royal Lochnagar. I detected a vanilla finish and lots of websites I checked just now mention vanilla, so maybe my taste buds aren’t as clueless as thought. But I reckon anything would have tasted good that night, being so giddy from good times and great company.

Whisky with friends

P.S. Summer in Scotland…

Stormy rainbow

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17 thoughts on “Everyday Life: May 2015

  1. I only spent two DAYS in Edinburgh, and fell head over heels in love with it. Apart from the grim weather. But loads of whisky would take the edge off that, I reckon. 😉

  2. Mum and I spent four days in Edinburgh and we loved it as well. Old City, New City (which is still older than most of the United States) – we walked everywhere and met such lovely people as well. Glasgow we enjoyed as well but not in the same way as Edinburgh.

  3. Awww. Cheers to finding a place that feels like home.
    I still remember and have bookmarked the post you once linked to that was a “Love Letter to Scotland”. <3

  4. Hi, I thought I would barge in and say HELLO as well. I can hardly believe we are not the only people who moved from Australia to Scotland. 2014 our son moved to Edinburgh and we bought a house over the internet, sight-unseen…other than photos, and moved to a place we never heard of: Forfar. We all love it here and especially enjoy the awful weather. Love your website. Will visit often.

      1. Hiya back! Oh dear…..still have to get used to this greeting. Yep, we were lucky they let us in! Husband’s great great great (not sure if I need another ‘great’) grandfather was sent off to the “Colonies” on one of the convict ships…But we decided to escape and come back to the land of haggis and whisky. And you certainly do need whisky to wash that haggis stuff down…Ooops…Was that insulting? Maybe I should not write things like that, being a new resident and all..

  5. Another fabulous month in Scotland! What a beautiful country to live in…..love Alfie’s style too!

  6. “Wackaging”! Perfect. That’s a really awful trend.

    I love how the writer of the article tries to blame it on Americans. Nope, for once this atrocity is squarely on the Brits.

  7. I lived just outside Edinburgh until I was old enough to move into the city centre, then I defected to Glasgow two years ago. I still miss it a lot, it really is an amazing city and every time I step out of Waverley I feel this wave of pure joy at being home.

    Glaswegian Fiance does not appreciate my suggestion that home is anywhere bar where he is though 😉

  8. going to a garden centre for cake sounds very wise – neighbourhood cat looks amazingly comfortable in a very uncomfortable position – and I love edinburgh too – need to get back there

  9. Lovely Shauna! No reason for me to comment other than to let you know I still stalk, um read you. I need more status updates from you. Is there a petition I can sign somewhere? Big hugs and a wistful sigh in the general direction of Edinburgh from Berlin (Germany) 🙂

  10. In Glasgow right this minute, and yes Rhododendrons in bloom all over the place.

    What is the deal with all the fast cars squealing their tires, gunning their engines, and racing all through the city streets?

    No air conditioning so my windows are open . . .

  11. Oh! I can’t (cannee?) believe you mentioned the ‘M’ words. Mad Men. Have been at such a loss. Living in Tasmania now and therefore behind the times of even mainland Australia (despite the fact we are apparently the biggest pirates of all), it was through word of mouth that I downloaded Poldark. But it’s just not the same. Vale Peggy and crew. And here’s to a northern summer! 😀

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