Everyday Life: July 2015

July = rose time!


Gareth reckons Neighbour Cat looks like an Angry Bird in this pic. The combo of her face/frilly neck remind me of a black and white cookie.


We caught the Caledonian Sleeper down to London ready for the cricket. I love the Sleeper. It leaves Inverness at 8.45pm then you wake up in London at 7.45 the next morning. There’s no wifi, so all you can do is get into your little bunk bed and read trashy books then fall asleep. Or if you’re Gareth, have a classy wee picnic…


After the cricket we had a side trip to Bedford to spend a great weekend with friends.


As mentioned before Rhiannon and I went to Margate to visit the Turner Contemporary gallery. I enjoyed the window views as much as the art.


My friend Frances taught me the sensible travel rule that for every cultural activity there must be a corresponding eating activity…


We walked past the Tudor House and I was secretly glad it was closed as my peanut brain can’t handle culture and history in one day.


And then, back north to Scotland. It was cheaper to get the train than fly which seemed sensible at the time of purchase but man, 8.5 hours is a long time sitting on your butt. We got to the Forth Road Bridge and I thought, “Yay! Nearly home!” then the realisation dawned it was still another 3.5 hours to Inverness.

But who cares about a numb arse when the views are so good…


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9 thoughts on “Everyday Life: July 2015

  1. Your roses or just generally roses? 8.5 hours? Shauna, you need to start knitting. Seriously. I can only handle 2 hour-stuck-in-the-bus traffic jams if I have some knitting there. I shall never understand cricket, although I enjoy The Duckworth Lewis Method music on this theme.

  2. Looks totally delightful. I’m with you re: views at art galleries. At the Getty art museum in L.A., the bldg. is on a hillside, and the architect does SUCH a great job incorporating amazing views & access to the beautiful outdoors throughout, I end up spending more time outside staring at the scenery than inside ogling art. It’s THE BEST. =)

  3. Hello, I’ve enjoyed a glimpse into life in Scotland! 8.5 hour on a sleeper train sounds fun to me! Traveling and exploring new places is my favorite…I am hoping to visit London next year, for the first time. My adventures tend to be on this side of the Atlantic…although next month I’ll be heading over to the other side of the country to the Pacific Northwest…anyhow, nice to “meet” you..:)


  4. Gareth’s picnic might well have been made by Leitita Cropley in Vicar of Dibley, as is a curious flavour combination. Nice pixs Shauna and impressive train endurance – but be pleased about progress in my day 8.5 hours would just have taken you over the border 🙂

  5. I love the views! I wish taking the train was more popular here in the states….Instead we just cram in a car and hope for the best….maybe I would rather fly….

  6. I loved that Stephen King book! I agree 8.5 hours is long. Speaking of long I’m about to fly from San Francisco to Sydney! Nervous and excited.

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