The wall of eggs

Forget The Ashes – last weekend I ticked off an even more thrilling Bucket List ambition: a visit to the egg vending machine!

The Egg Box Shop, Cromarty
Another glorious summer’s day in Scotland

I think I first heard about The Egg Box Shop on Susan’s blog, when she spotted it on a day out in Cromarty. It’s located on a farm where the chooks roam free and produce award-winning eggs for the local community. The farm owners came up with the idea of having a vending machine so they could sell direct to the public, 24/7.

I love a good vending machine. You can’t beat the gadgety joy of pressing a button… bleep! You win a prize! Even though you paid for it. So yes, totally worth a 40 mile round trip for the novelty of vending machine eggs.

Behold, the WALL OF EGGS. There were small, medium, large and even double yolkers!

Wall of Eggs

I filmed Gareth making our purchase. I was so eggcited that I forgot to turn my phone into the horizontal position, hence the really annoying crop.

Note the slow and methodical way he puts the coins into the machine. He chops onions in this same manner and every time I have to bite my tongue from saying, “Shove over and let me chop before we starve to death!”.

This vending machine is particularly awesome as the little doors gives one a small insight into how it must feel to have a safe deposit box at a bank. But instead of bars of gold and top secret documents you get eggs! Delicious, tasty eggs.

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17 thoughts on “The wall of eggs

  1. 1 – An egg vending machine!
    2 – The onion comment cracked me up. If I could ever convince Dave to chop an onion, I’m sure he would do it just like Gareth. There would be some explanation for his technique, no doubt involving instructions he was given by an onion chopping specialist he met in Grade 2 who told him to do it that way. 😀

  2. Knock Knock.
    Who’s there?
    Omelette who?
    Omelette smarter than this comment makes me look!

    Ahhhhhhhh…. egg humor. It never gets old!

  3. Those copycatting Scots… Have you ever experienced the joy of ‘eating out of the wall’ in the Netherlands? Nothing better than a hot croquette at the crack of dawn 😉

    1. Mmmmm croquette *drool* I’ll have to come over for a visit!

      We have v. machines for hot food but eggs on a farm in the middle of nowhere was a new one for me! 🙂 Apparently they do potatoes, too!

  4. This is the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life- and I’m pretty old. I love it!! My favorite part of the video was where Gareth is so entranced by the eggs he is about to purchase, he misses the coin slot and has to look to be sure where it goes. Pure gold! Promise me you will never stop writing a blog, Shauna! And I think videos should be incorporated a bit more as well. 🙂

  5. Behold the wall of eggs! That is a pretty impressive operation they have going there. I was intrigued, I’ve been contemplating buying farm fresh eggs at our local stand on the weekends. But, since they are about 3x the cost of the ones at the supermarket – I haven’t given them a shot yet. The vending wall would be a clincher!

  6. Delightful. Sounds like your DH is like mine: smart, methodical, precise, and sometimes brain-explodingly plodding. Mine chops onions EXACTLY the same way. However, I’m very glad I married a patient, CALM person, which is 100% what I need. =)

    Looks like a lovely trip. Any time an old movie has a 1940s/50s automat I LONG to visit one–alas, at least here in the states, they are no more. Of course they were invented in Germany (so sayeth Wiki). =)

    1. Your first paragraph describes my husband and my feelings about him exactly. Brain-explodingly plodding at times + 100% what I need. 🙂

  7. (Cackle…cackle…cackle) Congrats to the enterprising farmer who has managed to beat the ‘Honesty Box’ system. No need for the Egg Wall here, nor the coins either. Our girls are generous (providing we feed them to supplement their free-ranging).

  8. Not just me who’s loving this. My entire family. Heidi cracked a double yolker today, and I was reminded to show them. This is now added to our list of ‘must visit’. Thanks Shauna.

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