Everyday Life: August 2015

It would be easy to post this idyllic scene without comment, and make August look so darn wholesome and perfect…

Assorted poultry at the Old Mill Inn, Brodie

…but if you pulled back the frame you’d have seen the car park full of cars and my forlorn expression as we’d just found out there was nae room at the Old Mill Inn for dinner.

I was hangry as hell after a round of golf with Gareth’s parents at Hopeman, a village on the Moray Coast. They lived there ’til Gareth was 4 years old. David had always wanted to try the course so we finally made it happen. The lads played while Mary and I caddied.

Gareth and David at Hopeman Golf Course

Here’s David taking a shot amongst the heather.

David takes a shot amongst the heather

After 18 holes, 10000 seaside steps, several spectacular shots and quite a few dodgy ones, the game came to this gentlemanly conclusion. AGAIN I had the phone up the wrong bloody way!

The roses were going gangbusters throughout August. There is a great bed of them by the riverside, so I wandered past as often as possible to stick my nose in a bloom or two.

Another great rose in Inverness

The fluffy Buddha continued her residency…

Pat the buddha

Hello, I am cute…

Hello, I am cute

We popped into the brewery one Saturday morning to check on the beers…

Gareth checking on the brews

I met up with Susan for a great lunch with at The Ivy Bar & Kitchen, a tapas place with Scottish-y dishes. I thought I’d play at being a food blogger but somehow the phone focused only on the fried chicken. Which is an accurate reflection of where my mind was at.

Focus on the fried chicken

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11 thoughts on “Everyday Life: August 2015

  1. Good grief – world’s smallest hamlet alert! Hopeman is a short walk to Cummingston where my mum’s twin went away to live with her new hubby, 55 years ago.

    The tribe of us went up every other summer for a decade on the train from the Midlands to stay – the bungalow not big enough to contain us all, so us kids camped in a tent in the garden. The farmer opposite would let us watch him milk Daisy the cow – the most boggling thing in the world to a townie!

    We girded our loins and swam in the sea each year at Primrose Bay (a character-building experience of the first order!) and each morning went across to a playground overlooking the sea with the world’s longest slide, and tallest swings.

  2. And who said the camera never lies – that top photo does look gorgeous but I hear your pain! How funny that you have the neighbour’s cat with you – and how funny do they look when they sit up like that. Looks like you are still having fun even if they wont let you into the Old Mill

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