Everyday Life: September 2015

Crikey, I’m way behind on life! There’s so much to catch up on. First of all: September report.

September was obviously a hard month with losing our lovely friend Clare at the start of it. There doesn’t seem to be anything stage-like about the Stages of Grief at all. They happen out of order and/or at the same time and/or in a continuous loop. All your senses are raw and heightened. One minute you’re smiling at a memory, then the next minute you’re raging at the stupid slugs that keep sneaking under the stupid back door of your stupid flat. How come those slimy bastards get to be alive?

There was also a deep, deeper appreciation for everything. For friends near and far, for getting to be here at all, for beautiful feasts for the eyeballs like this one.


How’s that for a clumsy segue?! But we took a drive one Sunday arvo and ended up here, just outside Sheildaig. I reckon that’s the very best thing about Inverness – it’s got all the mod cons, but you’re so close to proper quiet, mind-clearing wilderness.

Another Sunday we woke up to find some rotter had smashed our car window. I love Gareth’s annoyed expression in the remaining glass. When the repair guy came, Neighbour Cat jumped into the back of his van and found a box to sit in.

Smashed car window

Loved the peaceful gardens at the House for an Art Lover in Glasgow.


Neighbour Cat practicing her most forlorn expression.


The best part about the long drive down the A9 is stopping at The Mountain Cafe in Aviemore, the best cafe in the Highlands. It’s crazy popular with the queue usually spilling down the stairs and out the door, but always worth the wait. I believe the owner is a New Zealander! Antipodeans know how to give good cafe. The food is bright and light, yet indulgent and comforting. And of course there’s bloody great cakes and coffee. Hubba hubba!


This is Neighbour Cat’s arch enemy, Little Socks. She’s a real piece of work and in October she beat up Neighbour Cat and scratched her eye. Oooooh I was spewing. I don’t know how parents cope if their child gets bullied. It’s distressing enough when the victim is an indifferent cat that doesn’t even belong to you!


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7 thoughts on “Everyday Life: September 2015

  1. Great update as always! I kept getting email reminders to sign up for the Loch Ness 10K and it made me think of you and that great weekend in Inverness with sweet Clare last year. Looking forward to a post on the big move. Love to you and Dr. G!

  2. so sad to hear about your friend’s death – it does colour everything

    and even though less on the pain scale, sorry also to hear of broken window and neighbourhood cat attack – we have had enough car trouble and cat trouble to feel your pain

    glad you found some beauty and a lovely cafe in the midst of all this – balm to the soul

  3. Ah Shauna thanks for bringing us up to date. I wish I could describe how you and Mig and a few others manage to make me believe this internet is a friendly universe despite all its nonsense. Having visited you virtually for more than a decade, every post makes me smile and feel such gratitude for a peek into how life is treating my friend oh so far away. I’d bake you a cake and bring you a kitten if I could. Much love.

  4. The landscapes near you are so rugged and otherworldly. I hope nothing of great value was taken when your car window was smashed. There is a lot of that petty crime going on around here too.

    sorry for the loss of your friend. <3

  5. Beautiful scenery & colourful flowers, a yummy meal enjoyed on a scenic trip with G, antics of a furry friend….I’d say October was a great month!

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