Everyday Life: October and November 2015

Tram meets horse-n-cart, Vienna

There’s much more to Vienna than schnitzel, but two months on it shines in the memory like a tender, crispy beacon.

Delicious schnitzel in Vienna, Austria

Rhiannon and I spent a weekend in Vienna for a two-years-overdue celebration of Ten Years Living In The UK. When not busy gnawing schnitzels, my jaw was dropped in awe at the State Hall of the National Library of Austria…

State Hall of the Austrian National Library

State Hall of the Austrian National Library

(I love ye olde globes where the map of Australia is incomplete)

State Hall of the Austrian National Library

… as well as gobs and gobs of art in the many galleries. Happy eyeballs, grumpy feet. The Schiele exhibition at the Leopold was bloody brilliant and I had one of those Holy Shit I’m Not In Cowra Anymore, Toto moments seeing Klimt’s Judith and The Kiss at the Belvedere. Equally excellent was the Belvedere cafe’s chocolate passionfruit cake!

Another highlight: while trawling through this Masterpieces of German Expressionism exhibition, I noticed a boy about ten years old running between the galleries taking photos of paintings with a digital camera. Oh look at his happy wee face, I thought. Then I realised all the artworks he snapped had naked ladies in them. Whatever floats your boat, kid!

Lower Belvedere Orangery, Vienna

What Eurojaunt would be complete without a supermarket crawl. We saw many cakes, breads and things in tubes…

Baked things in Vienna

Things in tubes, Vienna supermarket

Back in Blighty, there was one emotional Friday where we said farewell to both Neighbour Cat (seen here with her Final Brekkie)…

Neighbour Cat's last supper with us

… and Gareth’s brewery colleague Ali. We drowned our sorrows with fine Belgian beers at The Anderson.

The Anderson, Fortrose

Then came a blur of moving boxes, more goodbyes and soaking up the Inverness autumn colours. All accompanied by gut-churning anxiety. Intellectually, I understand that doing anything new in life involves discomfort and uncertainty, but I seemed to have a harder time than usual riding those waves of emotion. Anyone out there find it tricky? What helps you? Since then I’ve been working on the little things that keep me on a more even keel, so I’d love to hear your ideas. In those crazy days before the move, a good long walk by the river always worked a treat.

Morning light at the Ness Islands, Inverness

Rainbow over the River Ness, Inverness

Look up - trees on the Ness Islands

Autumn tree at Eden Court, Inverness

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3 thoughts on “Everyday Life: October and November 2015

  1. Vienna looks just gorgeous – it is so on my bucket list!

    Anxiety sucks. Sorry, I don’t have any great tips for you, other than drinking gin (probably not recommended by actual people who know anything about psych stuff).

    Happy New Year to you and Gareth!

  2. Thank you for the gorgeous photos. I, too, find change super stressful and difficult. You are very brave! I used to automatically get depressed when having to move out of my college dorm for summer break (and then again when school resumed in the fall). That disorienting feeling of all your possessions packed up in boxes the night before your move– eeeeee! Maybe we’re like cats– they also dislike moving.

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