The Mothership at 60

Mini Mothership

Today The Mothership turns 60!

I stand by all the warm and fuzzy things I wrote on her 50th, so I wanted to share with you ten of my favourite Mothership moments.

Happy birthday, dearest Mum – I love you loads. Thank you for keeping me on the straight and narrow for 38.5 years. Thank you for providing me with things to blog about for nearly 16 of them. Can’t wait for your royal visit next month!

1. On real estate:

MOTHERSHIP: Three flights of stairs? I don’t think I can do this very often.

SHAUNA: That’s the idea.

M: Don’t you go insane from everyone else’s noise?

S: I heard people having sex this morning.

M: Don’t you worry about being trapped on the third floor?

S: No.

M: I see you have a balcony. Has anyone tried to break in yet?

S: No.

M: You’ll be burgled if you don’t burn to death. How much rent are you paying?

2. On meeting her new son-in-law:

“Are you cold, Gareth? You’re sitting there shivering!”

“Oh I’m fine, Mrs -”

“Don’t bullshit me, Gareth!”

Mum, me and Gareth embracing his inner Aussie
Mum, me and Gareth finding his inner Aussie

3. On embracing a digital world:

“I am having trouble finding things on the Internet lately.”

“Have you tried Google?”

“Google? Is that www G-O-G-G-L-E dot com?”

“No, that’s goggle.”

“Oh. So if I type google in to Yahoo, will I find Google?”

U mite get lucky

4. On the death of our beloved dog Bert:

“He really loved kangaroo mince in the end!”

5. On a rural Australia road trip:

“Kimba is famous for its Big Galah, lovely sandstone buildings and as the birthplace of “Cats” midfielder, Corey Enright. Can’t ask much more of a town of around 800 people.

Oh, did I mention that you can buy a pair of jeans for $2, a collarless shirt for $1, a paperback mystery novel for 10c, home-grown lemons for 5c each or a like-new dressing gown (Giovanni) for $2? You can get all this and more from the Uniting Church Op Shop.”

6. And another:

“Yesterday morning whilst enjoying my rolled oats, I was fortunate enough to witness a lovely sight – a black and white border collie, tail waving enthusiastically…

The dog was full of life, not pulling on his lead, but bouncing along on three legs. The rear right side leg was missing.

I figure I need to remember my own blessings and bounce through life more often.”

7. On my brilliant career:

“Hope your receptionist job goes well – you can do anything with all that experience working at KFC!”

Mum, me and cousin whose name escapes me. Our 80s game is strong.
Mum, me and cousin whose name escapes me. Our 80s game is strong.

8. On literature:

“I really need to read that book, Let’s Talk About Lionel.”

See also film:

“Shauna, have you seen that new thriller, Tinker Tailor Sailor Spy?”

9. On Paris:

“Well, you know what they say about Paris. Pickpockets and bum pinchers. That’s what it’s all about. If they’re not stealing your wallet they’re pinching you on the arse.”

10. On health and safety:

On Tuesday we got the train into Edinburgh.

“So that woman with the keys, does she always have to open and close the doors?”

“The conductor? Yes, that’s her job.”

“Does she have to open and close the doors at every station?”

“Yes, every station.”

“What about in the event of an emergency?”


“Does she still have to open and close the doors then?”

“Umm… I imagine so. Unless she was indisposed by the emergency. Actually, I DON’T KNOW.”

“Well she’s the only one with the keys.”

“Mum, have you noticed that you always manage to think of the absolute WORST case scenario in every situation?”

She peered out across the water for a long minute.

“Wow, you’re right! I do do that, don’t I?”

Me and Mothership, 1978
Mothership with gormless ginger bairn, 1978

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25 thoughts on “The Mothership at 60

  1. After reading this, I’m trying to compose myself after fits of laughter resulting in tears! So many cringe-worthy moments in there 😳 & I’m beginning to think I’m a bit of a character since I’ve provided you with so much material for your blog.
    I’m so glad to be on planet Earth for 60 years….very blessed with my family & friends. I have the best-of-the-best. And yes, just like the dog, I do still bounce through life but perhaps not as high as when I was 50.
    Love you to the moon & back, Shauna. You are one amazing woman, writer & best of all, my daughter xxx

  2. Happy birthday Mothership!

    I’m laughing too. I remember “Let’s Talk About Lionel,” I think I read the book because of this. I’m going to be 55 this year, and I find myself SAYING these sort of things much more often than noticing other people saying them 🙂

    1. Thank you, Sas. Am a big fan of your work. Especially enjoyed your work last year, Heart and Hearth 2015 Circle. This year’s work is really resonating with me too. 💕

  3. Happy birthday to The Mothership!

    Some truly excellent photos there!

    This post has made me go and trawl through some of your older posts, Shauna, and I am proud to say I have just read ever single one of the 112 comments on your ‘Scotland the Baffling’ post where the entire world got worked up into a frenzy about washing up basins in kitchen sinks. Good times.

    1. Oh man, that was EPIC! 🙂 I just had to go and read them again, so bloody funny!

      Gareth and I still debate that one! Although now we are basin-less as he borrowed it for motorbike maintenance purposes.

      1. What?! But Dr G started it all, surely? That he’d turn basin-traitor comes as a shock! 🙂 Does this mean you win, Shauna?

  4. Happy Birthday Mothership!! Love your blog Shauna, and love that you are writing again!! I’ve missed my steady dose of your humor!

    My own mom passed away, at 55 yrs, in 2003. This Saturday would have been her birthday (and the day before Mother’s Day). I miss her every day. So enjoy the time you have together and appreciate all the funny, quirky, amazing things about each other!!

    1. Lovely to hear from you Bernie! I can only imagine how hard it is without your mum being around, especially this time of you. Sending you mega hugs from Scotland xxox

  5. Happy birthday to the Mothership! We actually share the day (I’m 48 today). The photos are fab 🍾

    1. Ah, Sonya! So happy to meet you & to be sharing the birthday celebrations. Love the bottle of champagne too.

  6. Happy Birthday to the mothership- I reckon we would get on well together. Fab life affirming and joyful writing Shauna and some wonderful pictures – those high waister jeans are back in fashion dontcha know 😉

  7. Ah the glorious Mothership! Sending birthday regards and a wish that we will all celebrate many more spectacular Mothership moments for her 80th!

  8. Happy belated birthday to The Mothership. You must be very proud of your talented daughter (and doubtless the other one too, but she doesn’t show her talents so much in this blog). She’s such an excellent writer and all-round good egg.

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