Oh Rio, Rio

Recycled pic taken at the 2012 tour de france

I love the Olympics. I measure life in Olympiads. It’s a nice handy unit of time, more interesting than your usual years and minutes and so forth. Thus, it’s been six Olympiads since my sister was born. I blogging for an Olympiad. And it’s been an Olympiad since I bought new trainers. I must buy some new ones, they’re really starting to honk.

I wrote the above at the start of Athens 2004, so to update my dear sister is now nine Olympiads old and the blog has clocked up four Olympiads.

The five-ring love came back strong for Rio. I resisted at first, what with all the corruption and drug scandals and economic implications and images of decaying venues from previous Games. But once it started I got suckered in. I can’t look away from people being excellent and physically coordinated. Awe and envy, that’s a compelling combo!

So what did we learn from these games, other than Ryan Lochte is a knobber? That it’s glorious seeing women win all the things. That Andy Murray rocks. That I could watch Simone Biles soaring through the air all day long.

SHAUNA: So we’re clear, if/when I win a gold medal, don’t go thinking you can jump on camera and propose. It’s MY moment of glory, dagnabbit.

GARETH: Noted.

And the same lesson learned at every games: watching hours of athletics does not make one athletic by osmosis. The other morning I put on my trainers (only 0.25 Olympiads old and still smelling fresh) (from lack of use) and bounded out the door, ready to take on the world… only for my lungs to be filled with pollen and unfitness seconds later.

There were many golden moments, but I have a soft spot for cyclist Mark Cavendish’s silver medal in the omnium. Opinion is divided on the lad, but I love that he has FEELINGS and is not afraid to let them rip. Sometimes he’s witty and charming, sometimes he’s just crabbit AF. No boring media-trained soundbites for him; he expressed his disappointment. I like when people dare to show how badly they want something. Why not, when you’ve devoted your life and heart and soul and legs to it? He takes GOLD for personality in my book.

Does anyone else get all End Of Olympics maudlin about how old you’ll be at the end next one and what will happen in between?


And now another four years stretch before us. Plenty of time to brush up on the high school Japanese before Tokyo. What do you reckon we’ll be like in 2020? Faster, stronger higher? Older, slower, lower? Bolder, wiser, awesome-er?

Top pic recycled from 2012 Tour de France jaunt.

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6 thoughts on “Oh Rio, Rio

  1. Right now I’m choosing to focus on the next Commonwealth games. Gold Coast, baby! Hoping Lennie can recover and get a spot on the Scottish team! For her sake of course. But also for me.

  2. I love the Olympics, too. All those athletes with their different bodytypes being excellent at their sport. Sometimes it feels like a celebration of differentness. 😉

    I hope to be older at the next Olympics. Perhaps a little bit wiser. And more organized.

  3. “only for my lungs to be filled with pollen and unfitness seconds later.”

    LOL That is totally me! Also, I told my husband the same thing about proposing at a medal ceremony. I hope that athlete was okay with it; I’d have smacked him right in the gob for stealing my thunder.

    I hope to have my mortgage paid off in four years (mathematically impossible at this point) and that’s all I’ve got on the books. Guess I’d better start thinking up adventures!

  4. Love your post, as always. Stupid US coverage completely ignored Mark Cavendish, so I didn’t get to see anything that you were talking about. Boo. I like watching him, too. He is always entertaining. So is Peter Sagan.

  5. Oh dear, I don’t dare think about THAT.

    Actually I find the Olympics extremely boring. I’m perfectly fine with people trying to do things faster than other people (though why?), but have no desire to watch them do it. Still, some people seem to like watching it, so hey ho.

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