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Welcome to my new website!

It’s been four long years since we last had a fresh coat of paint around here. I wanted to brighten things up, and also bring the dear old blog and my copywriting business, Shauna Reid Writes (gedddit?) into one place.

When I started increasing my freelance work, I stuck up a temporary biz website listing my services. Somehow “temporary” turned into 3.5 years. I take time to warm up to these things, you see.

Let me explain with a clumsy lipstick analogy! Because lipstick is ace.

Just say you decided to start wearing lipstick. You’d always wanted to, but it took awhile to work up the nerve. So you practiced quietly, choosing a tame, neutral shade. Perfectly presentable; solid and reliable. Some people noticed you were doing something different, but not so many that you would freeeeakkkk out from the pressure or anything!

Now after 3.5 years of full-time lipstick wearing, you feel more confident in your lipstick-wearing abilities, so you reckon it’s okay to say it out loud, “I am a wearer of lipstick!”. Maybe you could even try wearing a brighter shade?

So this new website feels like putting on a bold red swipe of MAC Lady Danger!

It feels slightly terrifying and knowing me, there will frequently be lipstick on my choppers. But, och well. Time to live a little.

What does this mean for you, treasured visitor?

If you come here for the blog, I’ll continue to bring you life wafflings and travel tales as per the last 16.5 years. With renewed zest, because it looks so shiny around here.

If you’re a fellow blogger or small business person looking for wordly assistance, you no longer need ESP abilities to discover how I can help.

This fancy facelift is once again the work of Papermoustache. They’re a wildly creative, intuitive, and infinitely patient duo – Ale the design and code maestro, and Sara cooking up these beautiful illustrations. Thank you so much!

Mega thanks also to Super Sas for being a cheerleader and sage sounding board throughout. You rawk! Sas posed the question almost a year ago, in her wise coachly manner, “Soooo… how would it feel to have just one website?”

It took awhile, but we got there.

Welcome again, groovy people. Have a nosy around!

(The contact page is my favourite. Those lightbulbs!)

Thank you, as always, for stopping by.

About Shauna Reid

Ahoy there! I’m Shauna, an author, copywriter and content mentor. I love telling stories about life and helping others to tell theirs.

Find out more about me and how we can work together – I’m now booking for January 2022.

26 thoughts on “Welcome to my new website!

  1. WOOOOOOP! You totally did it!
    So beautiful and brave and brilliant.
    Lady Danger totally suits you lovely 🙂

    ps: I adore how utterly underwhelmed Dame Ziggy seems in the pic – furs totally keep it real xx

  2. Beautiful site, Shauna! I love the illustrations and all your photos. (Please ignore the fact that I’m leaving this comment at a ridiculously late/early hour.)

  3. I’m sitting here, “working” from home with one of my fur-babies snuggled against my chest. She and I both give our stamp of approval to the new design!
    She would like to point out that all work done beside a cat is automatically improved. 🙂

  4. It’s fabulous, chickie. Congrats and best wishes 😀

    Love the cat photo – neighbor cat certainly set you on the right path! No home or website is complete without a cat.

  5. Well done lovely girl! Glad to see your new home. Looks great.

    I am also a friend of Lady Danger, but I found out that MAC’s products aren’t certified cruelty free… alas, I have to get my red orange kick elsewhere…

    1. Oh man, really? I haven’t worn my Lady Danger since 2009 but was thinking of braving it again. Have you found an alternative? I bet you look SMOKIN’ in that colour! 🙂

      (And glad you like the site!)

  6. Love the new design – looks like a million bucks! (or quid? Do they say that in the UK? That [insert item] looks like a million quid? ) Anyhoo – love to hear your updates! I hope your freelancing gig continues on even stronger with the new look!

  7. FABULOUS! I didn’t know you got married in Vegas! So did my mom! (Her second marriage) Love how you womaned up and got the goal done! ❤👍🎉

    1. She did? That’s awesome. And you’re lucky to have know each other six years and not to have been subjected to that stpry 😉

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