Foxy by 40 – Walk Report

Autumn walks

Time for a Operation Foxy By 40 update. Just 3 and-a-bit months to go!

I managed 21 of 31 days of the Walking Every Day In May thing. That may sound like a shoddy result, but it’s a huge improvement on the months before.

Some lessons learned:

1. If I don’t walk first thing in the morning, I rarely make it happen. Work deadlines, chores, cat patting, YouTube tutorial-watching, hair washing and other flimsy excuses abound. So I’m better off walking while still half asleep, before negotiations can begin.

2. That said, lunchtime walks on office days are brilliant for restoring inner peace. And topping up the pollen levels, so I can annoy people with my sneezing and crying all afternoon.

3. I’ve gained a new appreciation of Dunfermline’s town centre. I’m guilty of having the office/Marks & Spencer/bus station blinkers on and had stopped noticing the rest.

Dunfermline walks

4. I’m yet to meet a crappy mood that couldn’t be turned around with a spot of forest bathing.

5. I’ve been doing more weekend walks with Gareth and discovering new places. The bleached hills of Glen Devon on a genuinely hot and cloudless day (below right) felt like we’d Tardis-ed it to Australia.

Forest walk and Glen Devon walk

7. The Running Buddy is a pretty good magnetic pouch to carry phone and keys.

8. Turns out a little walk can be a big thing. I’m just going to blurt here that I’ve been a bit wobbly of mind lately. And I’ve been taking really, really shoddy care of myself. It snowballed into a big mucky snowball, full of twigs and crisp packets and indifference. So going for a simple walk started as an act of desperation, really. No expectations. But the more I toddle along, smelling the roses and dodging the dog turds, the clearer my mind feels and the more the mojo flickers. It feels good to move for the sake of moving, because it’s a caring thing to do. Not to be thinking of muscle groups or calorie burn. So I’ll keep on walking.

9. After reading that I was pining for my strong-kneed kickboxing days, Gareth arrived home a few weeks ago with a… punching bag! He bought it off a colleague who was about to put it on Gumtree. It was a brilliant surprise!

Our house is kind of wee, so the only place it fits is the kitchen. I now believe that every kitchen should have a punching bag! Nothing like a flurry of fists while waiting for the kettle to boil.

In other Operation news, I’m still mucking around with new hobbies. I’m slowly finding my way around the sewing machine and have completed a grand total of one project! It was a scarf/hairband kind of thing that I will never wear in public.

I’m also experimenting with knitting again, and made an iPad cover which somehow turned out to be about 1.5 iPads wide due to an unfortunate counting error. Never mind, Ziggy adopted it as a pillow.

Crafting with Ziggy

The photos at top are from November 2016 – a previous attempt at walking every day 😉

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21 thoughts on “Foxy by 40 – Walk Report

  1. Why is it so difficult to do the things that we know are good for us?! And I love that you’ve been playing with a sewing machine – I’ve just devised a #35at35quest (35 things I want to do in before I’m 36) and learning to use mine is on that list 😊

  2. Sorry to hear about the wobbliness!

    I’m in very good company because I’ve been going through much the same and can attest to its ghastliness. I too had to drag myself back to gentle exercise – makes the absolute world of difference, which I seem to keep forgetting.

  3. I’ve been having a Jane Austen novels binge-read this summer, and I notice that the heroines take daily walks as a matter of course — so keep a look-out for brooding strangers desperately handing you letters as you stroll. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better.

    I haven’t blogged for months. I’m glad to see your posts pop up now and again, though.

  4. I spend far too much effort sitting around instead of moving around in spite of knowing I would feel better if I got off my backside more often. I love Jane Austen and can’t quite believe I have not thought to emulate her heroines in a daily walk. Sadly nowhere near box hill but I am sure I can find somewhere. Thanks Shauna and Jen for putting the idea in my head. 😘🚶🚶

  5. Sorry you’ve been wobbly. You’re such a lovely person and so talented. I hope you get back your equilibrium soon. Walking and stroking cats seem an excellent start. I also recommend quilting, but you have to retire first because it takes up too much time and you also need a big cupboard for all the fabric that you start compulsively buying, half a metre at a time. I’ve just been cutting two or three 3 and a quarter inch squares out of lots of half metres to make a cot quilt for my daughter. Three 3 and a quarter inch squares don’t make a big dent in half a metre. It’s good fun, though. Lovely lovely fabric… Hugs to you.

  6. I love your assessment of walking because it’s a caring thing to do, not for calorie burn, etc.

    For me, with a right hip joint replacement, it truly is a caring thing to do. I have to get out of the mindset that it’s part of my physical therapy, and into the mindset that it’s self-love and will allow me to participate in life for who-knows-how-much longer?

  7. Kitties’s cure a bunch of the bad stuff, but not as much as a long walk. Thanks for reminding me that even a little one can make the day a little brighter ….. It’s a journey – you keep it honest.

  8. Oh yes, walking is really wonderful. I work out of my house, staring at the computer for hours at a time (home transcription). If I didn’t force myself to get up at regular intervals and wander/amble around the yard, imagining I’m conquering the Appalachian Trail, I don’t know how I’d manage. It helps keep me fit, both physically *and* mentally!

    Of course, the biggest challenge is making myself actually get up and start putting one foot in front of the other… !

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