On four years of freelance life, plus a peek at some classy clients

It’s four years this week since I properly started this full-time freelance caper. Huzzah!

While I feel more competent than I did back in 2013, I’m still winging it every day. I’d like to get more strategic and think about where this ship is sailing. Is this sustainable? Are there any sharks lurking? Because mostly I just paddle towards what feels interesting, not daring not looking too far ahead.

That said, curiosity has been a great guide so far. I’m now clear on who I love to work with. The marketing experts say one should “niche down”, but I still do a wide variety of things, from writing to editing to content strategy to project management to jazzing up the odd Word document. I love writing more than anything, but would explode from angst if that was all I did. I also need the soothing logic of spreadsheets and things that can easily be crossed off a list.

But it matters less what I do than who do it for. I love working with people who are on a mission. People with big ideas and/or tools to help us be better humans. In this oft-shitty world, I’m into anything that helps us deal with our demons so we can be smarter, stronger and kinder. I’ve also discovered I prefer building long term relationships, rather than one-and-done projects. I like a bit of banter, too!

I admire the work my clients put out there, so today I wanted to share what some of them are getting up to.

Body Kindness

I’ve worked with registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield for nearly two years, behind the scenes of her podcast Body Kindness. Her book of the same name came out this January, a bright and concise guide to shaking off the shackles of diet culture and creating a blueprint for healthy habits.

Rebecca’s one of the most determined people I’ve ever met. She’s quite a maverick in the dietitian world, challenging traditional thinking and advocating for more sustainable and body positive ways of helping. I love being a small part of her mission. On a personal level I’m grateful for her generosity in sharing her smarts – she’s certainly shaken up my perspective on all things health. Her podcast tackles everything from body positivity to food to orgasms, so check it out if you fancy!

Monitor on Psychology

This year I’ve been beyond chuffed to become a contributing writer at the Monitor on Psychology, the magazine of the American Psychological Association. I met the wonderful editor Sara via this here blog, which blows my mind.

I get to nerd out interviewing extremely clever people who are using their psychology training in all kinds of interesting ways. Among the cool folks I’ve talked to so far are Irresistible author Adam Alter on the addictiveness of mobile technology, Popular author Mitch Prinstein on the power of likability in a status-obsessed world, plus the fascinating John Fraser who went from zoo architect to psychologist to think tank CEO.

Sara and her team are a delight to work with – warm, witty and professional. My mind is being stretched and I learn so much with each article. I can’t quite believe I get to live out a life-long fantasy of working on a magazine, all while in my tracky dacks.

I’m a sucker for self-improvement so I love working with coaches. Three of my clients have excellent group programmes that are closing for enrolment very soon!


I met Mara Glatzel at the 2011 Fitbloggin conference and was smitten by her combination of depth, heart and wicked wit. I remember saying goodbye at the elevators of the gigantic American hotel and feeling that bereft feeling one gets when meeting a lovely person from the internets and worrying you may never cross paths again. But lo! Six years later I get to work with this magic woman.

Her signature programme Tend is a 9-month circle “for women who are ready to have their needs met”. If you are rubbish at voicing how you feel, or going after what you want, or simmer with resentment because you doing all the dang things… you cannot go wrong with Mara as your coach and guide. She’s so dang smart and compassionate and has create a beauty of a programme. Enrolment closes TODAY!


Feeding Freedom

My former neighbour and personal trainer Shona Macpherson has exploded with awesomeness over the past two years. When she conquered her old body image and diet demons, her life opened up to new adventures. She trained as a coach, she did a TedX talk, now leads wellbeing treks in the Cairngorm mountains, and just finished a 500 mile lap of the north of Scotland on her bike! She walks her talk like no one else.

Her new offering Feeding Freedom is a eight-week coaching programme for people who want to overcome secret/binge eating. As someone bang in her target demographic, I’ve been privy to her creation process and she’s got a winner here. She blends the emotional and practical to bring together fantastic tools for finding a way forward from binge-land, all with her compassionate and encouraging support. Enrolments close on Sunday!


Your Self-Belief Map

Also closing on Sunday is the latest round of Sas Petherick’s programme,  Your Self-Belief Map. Unless you are a serial killer you’ll be familiar with the shittiness of self doubt, which can show up as perfectionism, procrastination, hiding, over-delivering, downplaying your achievements, people pleasing, constantly comparing yourself to others and/or feeling like an imposter. In this six-week course, Sas has powerful tools for finding your way through, plus her coaching support along the way. It is a winner, just like the woman herself. Check it out!

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