40 birthday

Allegedly Foxy at 40

During the summer my friend Helen got one of those DNA test things. After she gleefully told me what percentage Neanderthal she was (while pretending to drag her knuckles down the street), I decided to mail off my own test tube o’ saliva.

The results revealed that I’m likely to have red hair, dark eyes, pale skin and loads of freckles. Indeed!

Upon reading the following nugget of information, Gareth and Rhiannon cackled almost as loudly as that time I fell down the stairs:

Power lifter genes

See also:

Fat genes
(All the other percentages are feelings and thoroughly buttered toast)

In other news I’m now 40, so I’d best wrap up Operation Foxy By 40. Here’s what I was aiming for, way back in November 2015:

Super Shauny

And above all:

I just don’t want to wake up on 1 November 2017 feeling irritated or somewhat disappointed, like after an episode of Outlander without an Adult Scene.

I woke up feeling flippin’ great on 1 November 2017, because I was in Italy! How good are my planning skillz? There’s no way one could feel anything but tip top, waking up in Bologna knowing there were a dozen gelato outlets within walking distance.

A week early I’d had a moment of panic upon I receiving a birthday card that had a 40 on the front. I think there’s been a mix-up. This is some old lady’s card. My mum only turned 40 the other day!?

But the minute it actually happened it felt pretty marvellous. 40 sounded like the start of something, whereas the last dregs of 39 had felt like an ending. A fizzling out. A slight mouldering, even!

So in conclusion: I do feel mighty foxy compared to the olive-in-the-bra moment of two years ago. Where my definition of foxy = quite happy to be me, less hide-y, rather sparkly.

The first 18 months of the Operation were more surface-y changes, with the makeup lessons and exercise and socialising, but the second half of 2017 has been unexpectedly intense. As I mentioned in the Beyond Dietgirl post, I’ve been tackling some very old binge eating issues after hitting a mega low point early summer. What felt like the end of days has morphed into the most positive thing, and life has been shaken up for the better. I’m starting to feel alive and hopeful like I’ve never quite felt before. Maybe not Super Shauny, but definitely more like the “slightly more competent, consistent and cared-for Shauny” I’d wished for.

Soooo… 40, eh? When mere tweezers can no longer keep up with the chin hairs and a sort of combine harvester for the face is required. When in some ways life is very different than you had imagined it would be at this point, yet so much better in others. Thanks indulging me as I indulged in this project in the midst of a crazy world. Let’s see what the 40’s bring!

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19 thoughts on “Allegedly Foxy at 40

  1. What an uplifting post to read – alive and hopeful like never before sounds way more awesome than just foxy. As always, there is so much I can relate to here (not least the idea of chin combine… sigh). Looking forward to seeing the results of your muscle flexing when it happens. And of course, belated Happy Birthday 🙂

  2. Hi Shauna …. as usual a very funny, insightful post from you. Congratulations to you on turning 40. I have a big milestone birthday in my life next year. 60!!! I’m a Mum to grown up children and 2 grandchildren too, so it hasnt been such a shock to my system thinking about it, but nevertheless, it fills me with incredulity that I shall reach that age whilst still feeling like I have loads to learn about life AND myself. Here’s to what the future brings for us both!!

  3. Still love to come here for fun facts about Scotland; a funny cat thing or a pearl of wisdom to carry me through the day. You don’t seem 40; then again I don’t feel 50+ either…

  4. Belated happy birthday – it seems you have lived quite a full first 40 years and hope you have lots of fun and foxiness in the next 40 – I think I am doing the crazy cat lady development more than any foxiness in my 40s but they are more relaxed than a lot of the years that have gone by before. But I am little jealous of Italy and gelato everywhere you look.

  5. Very belated happy birthday – Italy definitely a brilliant way to spend it.

    I enjoyed my recently-left-40s and developed a pretty satisfying give-no-fucks attitude toward the end of the decade. I’m hoping to become more expert in the next one.

    Always up for more writing from you – so yes, more please!

  6. Happy belated birthday, Shauna. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. You are such a lovely and clever and beautiful person! And so young. I can’t tell you how much I’d love to be 40 instead of, argh, 67 and a half. Happy Christmas and Wonderful 2018 to you.

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