Green Mountain at Fox Run: Hanging with the humans

Green Mountain at Fox Run

Last night I went snowshoeing in the woods. It was the eve of G’s 60th birthday, one of my favourite peeps here. She asked a bunch of us if we’d join her for a nocturnal adventure.

“Suuuure!” I said. Then the excuses charged in.

You know, it’s getting late and I’ve not done this before and I’m not sure if my annual travel insurance policy considers snowshoeing to be a snow sport and I’m not covered for that so let me go give them a call in the morning just to be safe, also I ordered these new snow trousers and haven’t tried them on yet to see if they fit so I need to do that first, but yeah, I’ll totally go next time!

Earlier that day we’d learned that fear and panic originate from one’s reptilian brain (brain stem/cerebellum). So I had that “running from a tiger and looking for my cave” feeling, as per Monday’s lesson. I’m mashing up different ideas and species here but basically, I was having a slight panic.

But we also learned yesterday that people needing people is not just from that Barbra Streisand song. It’s science. We need connection and pleasure to fill up our senses. And if we are low on human connection, that’s when some of us can try and replicate that the sensory connection with food. Which works a treat, until it doesn’t.

So here was a chance to practice the lessons from the past few days. Plus I didn’t want miss the chance to have one more laugh with the hilarious and wonderful G before she went home.

Off I went into the darkness with my fab new pals under the calming and encouraging guidance of Megan, one of the awesome staff here. It was beautiful. Swishing along the path, my headlamp gently lighting up the snow and the spindly shapes of the trees.

“Isn’t this great? Can you believe we’re out here?’” said G, “Aren’t you glad you did it?”

We stopped for a minute to do a wee bit of mindfulness. We looked up at the sky and listened to the quiet and the snow started coming down. As much as I thought I’d needed some alone time in my room doing The Times concise crossword, this was what I’d really been craving.

I partnered with Green Mountain at Fox Run, in which I received a three week stay at Green Mountain in February 2018, in exchange for writing about my experience. The stay included the Green Mountain core program and Pathway program at the Women’s Center for Binge & Emotional Eating. I covered my own travel expenses. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Browse all my Green Mountain posts here.

Update, January 2019 – Green Mountain has now closed. Their website is still up so I’m hopeful that it will rise from the ashes someday soon, with the weight-neutral approach that I found so very helpful!

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6 thoughts on “Green Mountain at Fox Run: Hanging with the humans

  1. Way to embrace the snow. I love the quietness of being outdoors on a winter night. You do a great job of describing inner worries over doing something with people…especially something out of the comfort zone.. cheers!

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