More about my Green Mountain experience

Back in February I spent three weeks at Green Mountain at Fox Run, a “whole-body wellness retreat” in Vermont for women, to work on my binge eating challenges.

In exchange for writing about my experience, I participated in the Green Mountain core program, as well as the Pathway clinical program which focused specifically on binge and emotional eating.

I’ve been writing up a storm about my visit over on the Green Mountain’s blog. Here are my posts:

What Our Wellness Retreat is Really Like | Week 1 at Green Mountain

“The long voyage to Vermont from Scotland gave me plenty of time to cook up some nerves… what if I mess this up? What if I’m somehow beyond help? What if I take all this time away from my home and my life and nothing shifts for me? I knew these fears had nothing to do with where I was going and everything to do with my wobbly faith in myself after decades of yo-yo dieting.
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How We Eat, Move, and Live at Our Wellness Retreat Program | Week 2 at GMFR

“I now understand exactly what is going on in my brain when I binge. I understand why I found it hard to stick to diets. I understand the effects of stress on the body. I understand the effects of chronic dieting and restriction on my body. It helps me look at my situation with compassion and less judgment.”
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Binge Eating Disorder Treatments in a Wellness Retreat Setting | Week 3 at GMFR

“I’ve learned practical tools to “reverse engineer” an episode of emotional overeating or binging and pinpoint the thoughts, feelings and underlying needs that led up to it. There’s an awareness there now, instead of that hopeless “why did I do that!?” feeling.”
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Five Things I Learned From the Pathway™ Program

“I used to be suspicious of the whole idea of self-care, thinking it was all scented candles and chanting on a cushion. But Pathway™ helped me see that self-care as a fundamental tool of recovery from eating struggles. It’s what keeps us from swinging to that depleted place binges occur.”
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Six Things I Learned From the Food at Green Mountain at Fox Run

“I’d made many attempts to eat mindfully since I first read a book about intuitive eating back in 2010, but it never quite clicked… Green Mountain gave me the freedom and calm environment to practice those skills and ideas. Without everyday stresses or the cooking or clean-up, I could really focus on the food.”
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Making Lifestyle Changes that Last after Green Mountain

“There are tough days when it feels like one step forward, two steps back, but I know that I’m going in the right direction, however squiggly the path may be.”
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I’m writing more about my recovery adventures and learnings here on the blog – all the posts are in the Pursuit of Healthiness category. I’m also posting on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you for reading and for your kind messages – we’re not alone with this shiz!

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