Painting of Concorde

Let’s fly away

Apologies to WordPress & RSS subscribers who just received a 2004 post republished in error as I was de-spamming in the archives! Here’s something I wrote earlier today instead.

Painting of Concorde

What a bloody weird year this has been. It’s a daily recommitment but I reckon I’m finally (sort of) (hopefully) getting to grips with this binge eating recovery thing. Now I’m sifting through the life created while basically sleepwalking for eight years or so. Some bits are cool and some bits it’s all, what the flipping heck is this?⁣

Also, figuring out how to take care of a 41 year old body you barely recognise without swinging between overdoing it and complete neglect. That is an ongoing doozy.

I’ve been faffing around trying to put this “journey” (spew) into words for about six months but a friend suggested just drawing a line and starting from where I was today so let’s go with this and carry on. 😍⁣⁣

[Pic above is a painting of Concorde at National Museum of Scotland]

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4 thoughts on “Let’s fly away

  1. I am the same. Since my daughter was born in Jan 2015, I feel like I was in a routine…like a mom machine. I came out of that fog and started making healthier life style changes starting with finally quitting smoking…for good. The dreaded weight gain from quitting smoking happened so now I am working slowly on this. One step at a time….

    We can do this…on step at a time.

    PS: I quit smoking during both my pregnancies….why did I ever go back????

    Love ya Shauna!!!


  2. Hey, I had a really cool response and lost it. I get what you are going through . I used to blog as pj geek. I stopped blogging related to weight loss and obesity et al when I went through Eating disorder treatment / outpatient. I was one of the few older, fatter folks with the younger bulimic , anorexics but they looked to me as a mom figure and we had more in common that not. I learned much from them as well because this whole ed thing started when I was a little kid .

    After a couple of years, I started putting on weight again , losing my mojo for exercise, and feeling unhealthy. I did not want weight loss surgery . I am now going through a weight management program at a hospital that also involves behavior mod, nutrition , or exercise weekly . and I am also seeing my ED therapist from the Ed program. I recently tried on clothes at a couple of stores (60% off sales) and I just looked weird. I didn’t fit in to the styles that I’d liked previously and I just couldn’t find anything right for me. It reminded me of when I’d lost 135 lbs before and trying on clothes is what wigged me out.
    I talked about it with my therapist and it is something we will keep talking about.. She recommended to try a different store / style of clothes. I did and felt much better on that go round and bought a couple of tops and I felt I looked good in them. Meanwhile, I was wearing jeans 3 sizes too big. and need to shop for that I now realize. I’m not recommending a weight program. I just wanted to share that the combination of two very opposite things seems to be working for me. I saw my sister last week and it was the first time she’d seen me with my weight loss and she said ” You’ve lost all of your curves”. It really messed with my head. But I affirmed to myself ” I can walk faster, farther, free of shortness of breath” and ” I went out dancing Sat night at an 80’s night and had a blast..” I hope it helps that someone understands.

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