Let’s fly away

Apologies to WordPress & RSS subscribers who just received a 2004 post republished in error as I was de-spamming in the archives! Here’s something I wrote earlier today instead.

Painting of Concorde

What a bloody weird year this has been. It’s a daily recommitment but I reckon I’m finally (sort of) (hopefully) getting to grips with this binge eating recovery thing. Now I’m sifting through the life created while basically sleepwalking for eight years or so. Some bits are cool and some bits it’s all, what the flipping heck is this?⁣

Also, figuring out how to take care of a 41 year old body you barely recognise without swinging between overdoing it and complete neglect. That is an ongoing doozy.

I’ve been faffing around trying to put this “journey” (spew) into words for about six months but a friend suggested just drawing a line and starting from where I was today so let’s go with this and carry on. 😍⁣⁣

[Pic above is a painting of Concorde at National Museum of Scotland]

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3 thoughts on “Let’s fly away

  1. I am the same. Since my daughter was born in Jan 2015, I feel like I was in a routine…like a mom machine. I came out of that fog and started making healthier life style changes starting with finally quitting smoking…for good. The dreaded weight gain from quitting smoking happened so now I am working slowly on this. One step at a time….

    We can do this…on step at a time.

    PS: I quit smoking during both my pregnancies….why did I ever go back????

    Love ya Shauna!!!


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