Confinement Notes #3 - Everything I Do, I Do It For You

Confinement Notes #3 – Everything I Do, I Do It For You

Week 5

A set of temporary traffic lights has appeared in our quiet street and it’s very exciting.

Scottish Water are doing some pipe repairs; there are traffic cones everywhere.

At night, Gareth’s new game is to peek behind the curtain and say, “Okay, guess what colour they are now.”


“You’re right again!”

By day, if I sit up straight on the couch, which happens now and then, I can see the lights from my spot. It’s thrilling when I manage to look up the right time.

“GREEN! They’re green! Quick, look!” and Gareth will lunge across to see.

Week 6

On Tuesday Gareth went on a cleaning spree. Not an unusual thing for a grown person, especially one who needs tidiness to function and must always have the remotes lined up and pointing north on the coffee table. But he was wrestling with a weird guilt for being on furlough, thus looking for a project to justify his existence. I, in turn, felt guilty for not helping, even though I’m still working. I put on my headphones to drown out his scrubbing.

When I emerged a couple of hours later the bathroom was gleaming, the carpet was vacuumed, the kitchen was perfection.

“Looks great, G!”

“Did you see the hob! It’s shining!”

“It is!”

“And the floors!”


“And the cupboard doors! No fingerprints!”

“Excellent work! … is this enough validation for your labour?”

“I think you could be more enthusiastic!”

“Ahh, you want more COMPLIMENTS! Like when you throw me a parade for stocking the fridge or cleaning the litter tray?”

“Yes! Give. Me. Compliments!”

I had forgotten about Compliments, this awesome video from 2011. We re-watched it five times and thought of simpler times. Why is my impressiveness written off like as it was ofcourseness…

Week 7 

I dunno about you but I feel like my mind hit the wall this week. I’m forgetting how to form proper sentences. I’m sure this article explains it but I’ve not got further than the headline: ‘Allostatic Load’ is the Psychological Reason for Our Pandemic Brain Fog

I got so tired of looking at screens that I drafted this blog post on… paper. Have you heard about paper? It really works!

The screen fatigue did not extend to devouring Normal People across Friday night and Saturday. It was beautiful. It felt good to be immersed in another world.

Normal People

This Week in Diversions: I hit Day 80 of German on Duolingo. Won’t be visiting Germany anytime soon but keeping up the streak makes me feel like a person who might one day be capable of a streak in other areas of life.

So… how are you, comrades? Let’s chat. Monosyllables and/or random mashing of keys are fine!

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22 thoughts on “Confinement Notes #3 – Everything I Do, I Do It For You

  1. You need to do a Red Light/Green Light TikTok with your new street lights.

    Oh god TikTok is a dank hole to fall into…

    thank you for the Give. Me. Compliments! it is soooo totally the other adult I live with šŸ˜‰

    1. i feel like i might never get out of that hole if I venture in! hehehe.

      hope you’re doing okay Maz! šŸ™‚

  2. I’m soooooooo zavink zat vedeo link for a strateegic moment! Good to hear you still have work stuff. I’ve been surprisingly busy as well. So, if the doctor is bored with cleaning your house he is more than welcome to swim the channel and do mine. Would not mind. at all.
    Hang in there cupcake! This too shall pass <3

    ps: Duolingo is good right? Still plan on learning Klingon one day.

  3. NOTE – Our small brewers here (locally) have switched to making hand sanitizer. Most of them made this change. I am sure they are selling. But at least One is supplying smaller medical facilities (like the autism clinic where my daughter works) with gallons. Otherwise they would not have a regular supply.

    Coronavirus puppies are a thing here. SO MANY people who were thinking about a dog, got one. The invisible fog fence people are very busy. Vets do curbside drop/pick up business.

    Our puzzle companies had to stop taking orders for quite a while but are now back up and running.

    I scored three containers of Clorox wipes (Amazon) by checking website twice a day for many many days. I felt what you would call chuffed or even dead chuffed. I have not been able to repeat my success.

    I have been making masks for friends and family. I do fitted ones that are washable and lined. I have been helping people with hard to fit faces and that is strangely satisfying.

    My youngest is finishing college finals, upstairs.
    She will be home taking online classes this summer. She has not been home for a summer since 2015.

    I was getting ready for a major garage sale and have stacked tables in garage . . .

    1. G’s place was making sanitizer too. Potent stuff!

      Love your correct use of chuffed! That made my day. šŸ™‚ Sending all the good wishes to you and your family!

  4. OMG I just love your writing. Very funny. My husband is still working outside of the home (essential milk man), but there is no overtime so he has too many days off for his liking and can’t go places like normal. He has painted two rooms and put new flooring in two other rooms, and plans to re-roof the whole house by himself (which I’m not looking forward too). He is also the cleaner in our house and I dread having to cook something on the stove after he has cleaned because he will notice any drip or dribble on his freshly shined work of art. He too loves complements and normally would host a party so people could come over and enjoy his new floors. I guess showing off his handy work will have to wait a bit.

    1. That’s so funny Lisa! Crikey his output is impressive, two rooms painted and two floored, daaaang!

  5. That video is THE BEST. Around week seven, I finally felt like I NEEDED to get out of the house. LOL. Please note that I do not normally work from home as I am now. Also, taking a break from Facebook. Perhaps I should revisit my old blog…

  6. Shauna, I truly adore you and think we could be IRL pals for sure. I don’t do social media, but I follow your blog and get so excited when I see a new post. The Compliments video is pure GOLD!! I cannot wait to share it. Hubs isn’t huge on compliments, surprisingly, but he does enjoy when I randomly notice little things he’s done and return the love by cooking him something yummy. I also love hearing about those little things within a marriage (like the traffic light excitement) that only the couple involved can really, fully appreciate! It’s those little things that solidify a marriage in my book! You’re the best and I’m so glad y’all are doing well in your part of the world. Much love!!

    1. it’s nice just to be noticed isn’t it šŸ™‚ hope you are doing well too dear Bernie, it’s so good to hear from ya and thank you for the kind words!

  7. I also have to say I freakin love when you phonetically spell out words and phrases in your accent (or Gareth’s)! It’s like I can hear you talking! Keep sharing yourself with the world because you are truly something special.

  8. I laughed picturing you and the traffic lights, thank you! I liked the glimpse into someone else’s quarantine.

    Going to ask the cat for some more compliments and attempt some gyoza-ish dumplings. (I miss restaurants!!)

    F xxx

    1. You can just imagine the withering gaze of a cat if you asked it for a compliment! “I am not here to validate you, human”.

      DUMPLINGS! Ooohh šŸ™‚

  9. That compliments video! Wonderful!

    I’ve taken to forcing gratitude practice by stealth on my team on our morning video calls – “share 3 things that made you happy yesterday!” “what are 3 things you’ll do to make you happy today?!”.

    Past Me would have really, really hated Present Me.

    1. Hehehe… that’s excellent! It really does help doesn’t it, even when it feels so bloody cheesy!

  10. Good to hear how you’re coping with lockdown. Loving the compliments video! Reminds me of coming back from 2 weeks in Morocco with my friend where we constantly heard shouts of “hey beautiful” etc, which were annoying at first but clearly just became part of every day life. Very disappointing to arrive back in the UK and it stopped abruptly!

    I bought a one of these hanging chairs for my garden in a “covid made me do it” moment. Still working and often long hours so it’s nice to hang and feel cocooned while being gently buffeted by the breeze (and sometimes rain or snow!) Following Bread Ahead on Instagram and my baking has gone through the roof! Fortunately I can take things into work or give it to neighbours, except the scones I made yesterday which disappeared shortly after they came out of the oven…

    1. I really love the sound of the hanging chair! And has there ever been a better time to have a cocoon to escape to? šŸ™‚

      Great to hear from you Chrissy and I will check out Bread Ahead. I struggle to bake a decent scone!

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