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Conquer Your Content

You’re buzzing with ideas, but struggle to get them out of your brain and into some kind of order.

Perhaps turning your expertise into content is daunting, when there’s already a million things on your to-do list.

Or maybe you just don’t know what to write about.

You need a plan of action to make it easy.

Conquer Your Content gives you a six-month plan to banish the blank-page blues, so you can create resonant stories for your people.

Why do I need a content plan?

Strategically sharing content on your blog, newsletter and social channels is the best way to consistently connect:

  • With regular and relevant content on your website, Google and your ideal peeps start paying attention
  • Your readers get to know and trust you both as an expert in your field, and as a human with a personality
  • When you have a deep well of ideas planned in advance, there’s no more staring at a blinking cursor

After one 90-minute session together, you’ll know exactly what to talk about for the next 6 months.


Shauna Reid

Let’s cook up some content!

I started writing online way back in 2000. With patience and consistency, I turned my blogs from awkward silence into book deals, major press coverage and awesomely engaged readerships.

Now I love helping my clients discover the power of quality content, from newsletters, podcasts, blogs to social media.

Content strategy is my most favourite thing. I SEE STORIES, in the way that kid in The Sixth Sense saw dead people.

I believe there’s a brilliant content creator in all of us – we’ll find yours!


You receive:

  • a 90-minute Brainstorm call – where my laser-focused questions coax out the content gold in you.
  • a 6-month content plan covering blog, newsletter and social media channels. Delivered in Google Sheets, you’ll be able to see at a glance exactly what you need to do, week by week.
  • a title and summary for each newsletter and blog post to kickstart your writing. We’ll nail down your post categories, too!
  • the plan is based on 1 monthly newsletter, 2 blog posts per month and up to 2 social media channels.
Sas Petherick

I honestly couldn’t run my business without Shauna.

She seems to instinctively know the most efficient and effective way to communicate with my clients. I know she really cares about my people!

The best part about working with Shauna though, is her warmth and humour - we laugh A LOT.

I have so much respect for her track record of writing online: this speaks volumes of her loyalty and courage to just keep showing up.

If you want a mix of practical, personal and professional when it comes to your writing, hire Shauna.

How it works:

  1. Click the red button below and you’ll be directed to Calendly (my booking system).
  2. Complete the form to book a time and tell me about your business, website and social channels.
  3. Secure your spot with online payment via Stripe.
  4. I’ll visit your website and channels to lovingly stalk through your archives.
  5. We’ll meet on Zoom at your chosen time – just click the link to our call in the confirmation email. You’ll need to download the free Zoom app if you don’t have it already, then we’ll be ready to rock!
  6. I’ll deliver your 6-month plan and post headlines within 5 working days, as well as a recording of our call.


Ready to get started?

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Margaret Robertson

Shauna's writing has a real freshness and warmth. She has that knack that good writers have of making it look easy, and a real understanding of how to communicate with customers. She has a very professional attitude and always gets the job done with good humour. I highly recommend her.

Halley Gray

One of the posts Shauna wrote for us is the best performer from all our content and continually gets shared. FREE TRAFFIC!

Please get in touch anytime. We can discuss working together and if I’m the right fit for you.

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