Who are you & what do you do?
You’re busting to share your work with the world.

But your About Page feels flat and snoozy, rather than fired-up woman on-a-mission.

And your Work With Me Page isn’t attracting anyone who wants to work with you.

Maybe the thought of writing about yourself, makes you squirm with self-doubt or plunge into procrastination.

(Believe me, I understand. I cleaned the bathroom and alphabetised my husband’s whisky collection during the making of my own About page.)

When you’re so up close and personal with your work, it’s daunting to distill who you are and what you do into a pair of web pages.

If you want About and Work With Me Pages that summarise your smarts and speak to your people, I can help:


  • You’ll get an About page that bursts with personality and tells your unique story
  • Plus a Work With Me page that outlines your offering in a way that chimes with your dream clients.
  • These pages will be your hard-working, charming ambassadors, converting casual lurkers into new fans while you sleep.
  • There’ll be no squirming when someone asks Who Are You And What Do You Do – you’ll shout your URL loud and proud!
Sas Petherick

I honestly couldn’t run my business without Shauna.

She seems to instinctively know the most efficient and effective way to communicate with my clients. I know she really cares about my people!

The best part about working with Shauna though, is her warmth and humour - we laugh A LOT.

I have so much respect for her track record of writing online: this speaks volumes of her loyalty and courage to just keep showing up.

If you want a mix of practical, personal and professional when it comes to your writing, hire Shauna.

Shona Macpherson

Shauna sharpened my sales page copy and gave me great insights into how to tell my story in a way that's relevant and fresh to my readers. She makes it all feel fun and doable!

You receive:

  • a 60-minute Who Are You call – expect big, deep questions and belly laughs as we get clear on your story and your work in the world
  • a comprehensive Copy Questionnaire – so you can get clear about your message, and so I can learn more about you, your work, and the style and tone you’re after
  • an About page that nails who you are and how you help your people, of up to 600 words
  • a Work With Me page to sell your signature service, or a compelling overview if you have multiple offerings, of up to 600 words
  • one round edits included for each page


Shauna Reid

I’m Shauna Reid

For over 15 years I’ve been writing for people who are working hard to make the world a brighter, smarter and kinder place.

I’ve worked with coaches, trainers, teachers and small business owners to translate their wisdom into words that chime with their dream clients.

If your work has you fired up and on a mission, I’ll help you find the words to tell your story.


How it works:

  1. Click the red button below and you’ll be directed to Calendly (my booking system).
  2. Book a time for our Who Are You Call
  3. Check your email for a link to download your Copy Questionnaire and secure your spot with payment
  4. Zap your completed Copy Questionnaire back to me at least 3 days before our call
  5. We meet for our Who Are You Call, where we’ll dive deep into your answers and get crystal clear on your message
  6. I’ll then write your new About and Work With Me pages – you’ll have your first drafts within 5 business days
  7. We’ll do a round of revisions to make sure we’ve got it right and sparkling.


Ready to get started?

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Liz Watt

I wouldn't have my wonderful website if it wasn’t for Shauna. She gently helped me get over my fear of selling myself and was amazing at winkling things out of me.

When I read what she'd written about me on the About page, it made me a little bit emotional! She captured the heart and soul of what I do as a therapist.

Margaret Robertson

Shauna's writing has a real freshness and warmth. She has that knack that good writers have of making it look easy, and a real understanding of how to communicate with customers. She has a very professional attitude and always gets the job done with good humour. I highly recommend her.

Please get in touch anytime. We can discuss working together and if I’m the right writer for you.

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