Crunch Time

I'm slowly adjusting to life in the private sector, but I need to get to work earlier. How is it that I used to leave home at 6.30AM for the train and be in the office by 7.30 (mmm, flexi time), but now the office is a mere eleven minute walk away, I'm sprinting up the street at 8.55 every bloody morning?

This phenomenon can be expressed by the following formula, wherein likelihood of timely arrival at workplace is inversely proportional to distance from workplace:

It's learned, Pepsi. Learned.

I found a box of Special K in my bottom drawer the other day. My colleagues said it belonged to the web monkey before last. Would you believe she used to eat her breakfast at her desk? they said, She had a bowl and spoon and everything!

I hope my expression of outrage was convincing, but inside I was cringing at the memory of hundreds of desktop brekkies at my old job. I'd make porridge, even chopping up bits of apple to sprinkle on top. I had two kinds of sugar in my desk. Sometimes I'd have toast; my favourite topping was avocado. I'd even squeeze on fresh lime juice with black pepper and poncy sea salt. BLOODY HELL, I wanted to retrospectively curl up and die, thinking of my dear boss dropping a letter into my in-tray as I gnashed away on multigrains. "Whenever you're ready, Shauna."

Domino Sugar, Brooklyn
Not really, it's Brooklyn.

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19 thoughts on “Crunch Time

  1. Oh dear, I always eat brekky at my desk – half the time my lunch too! I can’t feel bad though as pretty much everyone at my work does the same.

    And we wonder how we fall into bad eating habits!

  2. The hell? We ALL eat breakfasts at our desk in our office, and ALWAYS eat our lunches at our desks. The only exception is on Fridays where we have team lunches, though that graduates from our work desk to the board room.

    And you should see what’s happened to the work kitchen since they’ve taken me on board! There’s bags of spinach, jars of olives, sundried tomatoes, blocks of feta cheese, pine nuts, walnuts, kidney beans, tomato salsa, sour cream, corn chips, rice wafers, wholegrain crackers, avocados… it goes on and on. Funnily enough… they call me ‘dedicated’. Which I guess is supposed to be euphemism for ‘king crazy’.

  3. I don’t get it either Shauna. People who eat brekkie at work? Weird!

    My old colleague used to say it was because her stomach couldn’t handle food so early in the morning, but when at work it was ok.

    While she was gnashing away on her toast (and yes, cereal), I would be grinding my teeth at the noise.

    Mind you, she was also the most annoying co-worker in existance.

    And lunch MUST be eaten out. One has to leave the desk at some stage for sanity reasons. 🙂

    Enjoy the new job! Private sector RAWKS!

  4. What would the Mothership say! Speaking of which, she has been noticeably absent of late. Bring back the Mothership! She’s always good for a laugh.

  5. Oh, I eat breakfast (yogurt or cheesesticks and some fruit) at my desk almost every day. If I’m up when the alarm goes off (5.15), then I sometimes have time to fry up an egg on toast and enjoy a latte at home before running off to the train. Then again, if I wasn’t spending at least 20 minutes in the morning making my bento lunch, I would likely just wake up later and still have the same brekkie in front of the computer at work.

  6. My shelf under my filing has already reached legendary status, something to do with having breakfast, lunch and dinner here at times.
    Jus for my amusement I will make a list of what is here:
    – 1 x Unopened soy milk
    – 1 x Ryvita box
    – Box of crunchola breakfast bars
    – Box of popcorn (got given that one)
    – 3 different types of fruit/nut blends from Sanitarium (handy 50gm portions cos I have no portion control)
    – Tin of chick peas
    – Tin of veggie soup
    – Miso soup packets (10 soups)
    – Tuna (2 tins and 3 packets)
    – sunflower seeds
    – cracked pepper
    – honey
    – lemon juice
    – teas (roobus and green)
    and in the fridge I keep:
    – jam
    – peanut butter
    – bread (really yummy dark rye stuff)

  7. Random people wander into my office eating bowls of steaming hot oatmeal in rainbow colours, say around coffee-break time.

    I do one worse: because my husband works an hour earlier than I do, and we have one car, I eat brekkie in HIS office. I stocked his office pantry with my junk.

  8. Brekkie at work was brilliant whenever I was able to get there early, straight from the gym. I’d nuke my porridge and enjoy every mouthful. Saved me heaps of time compared to going home, eating and then heading off to the office.

    Second breakfast is still always eaten at my desk and lunch often is too, before I go out for a walk….past all the bakeries. Can’t be doing THAT on an empty stomach!

  9. We’re encouraged to eat at our desks. In fact, the chains that keep us tied to our desks are just long enough to reach the toaster and microwave. They are so good to us. 😀

  10. I used to eat breakfast occasionally at my desk. I wouldn’t eat cereal but – would have a banana/other fruit, sometimes porridge…. we all ate at our desk usually so no one really cared. There was however the unspoken office etiquette where you do NOT bring something smelly (oranges were okay but tuna/salmon sandwhiches/egg sandwhiches a big NO NO)….

    I’m one of those people who can not eat first thing in the morning, otherwise I’d throw up! I have always been that way, I need to be awake a few hours before the food enters thy mouth 😀

    As for the arriving to work later and later… haha, I’m totally into that. I was the same way too :S

  11. Not only does my husband eat breakfast at work, he eats it out of a dog bowl.

    No, reallly.

    It’s never been used by a dog, but it is a blue Pal plastic dog bowl, complete with plastic relief of a bone on the side. I thought it must be because he got sick of his ceramic bowl being used by others and disappearing. But no, it’s just because he delights in being offensive.

  12. Dammit Shauna should I be cringing now? I eat breakfast at my desk (tub of yogurt) every day! OK so my excuse is that I’m so busy getting myself and son out the door by 7.20am that I don’t have time to eat at home – but mainly I just like being able to eat in peace while I drink my one coffee of the day and check my emails, without a rugrat climbing up my leg!

    I eat lunch at my desk too, coz I work through lunch so I can get home to my son a wee bit earlier. And I’m not apologising for that! 😉

  13. At least half our team eats breakfast at work.. And our assistant team leader eats about every two hours & generally at least two of those meals are steak or chicken & rice !!

  14. I say if the company didn’t want me to eat my crumpets here in the morning – then why are they supplying a toaster!!! It just BEGS to have crumpets put in them.

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