And that was the end of that

Budgie "Do you think we should think about having kids, at some point?"

"Could we not just get a budgie?"

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30 thoughts on “And that was the end of that

  1. If it took Dr. G a while to get used to the idea of something as unquestionably amazing and win-win as marrying you, how long do you think it will take him to commit to change diapers and wipe snotty noses?

    I am less against the idea of having kids after seeing how cute and fun my baby nephew is, but the idea still scares the beejeezus out of me.

  2. Hmm, that was us until our “happy” accident. We got a kitten in November and I’m now 16 weeks pregnant. I can well recommend it so far as a way of losing weight. Greedy baby eating all my calories!

  3. Pets are practice for babies… a friend said that to us when we got two dogs, and now I’m 23 weeks pregnant.

  4. Ah, I’m with the budgie idea. I told my sister she can have babies for the lot of us – 3 out of 4 sisters! Not sure what my brother wants though. I’m probably selfish in saying that there is too much to do, too much to explore….and kids don’t factor into that. Loving my nieces and nephews though.

  5. Ignore all those, Shauna. You should definitely have babies. The world needs more of you and Dr G and less of… well, not such nice people.

    And babies are great. The bad bit is when they start leaving home and you’re back where you were, only missing them. And getting old.

  6. Babies are easy…. it is teenagers that are hell!

    BTW… budgies make a HEAP of racket! We have 8 of them in a big flight cage outside under a tree and from day break the happy chirping and flying is noisier than you could imagine… lol šŸ™‚

    My 5 (yes 5!) kids are girl 13 & boy 14 (step-kids who live with us when I met my 2nd hubby 9 years ago!) plus my biological kids….(boy) 17, (boy) 19 & (girl)21!

    I would recommend babies to just about anyone…. even though I had horrible stressful pregnancies I still loved being pregnant and having the new person moving around inside me… was amazing. I loved all my babies when they were born… there is nothing like looking down at the little person and someone you love has created! Don’t believe people about the terrible twos…. it doesn’t always happen… my kids were all wonderful and their first 5 years were amazing and I would never have missed it for the world.

    However….. teenagers can NOT be much fun. Whilst the 2 girls are great the boys are quite evil. The eldest 2 kids are now living their own lives (sort of… kids seem to cost more when they move out of home for some reason!) and well the other 3 are all still in high school. Now, at 43, after being a mum for 21 years (I had my daughter when I was 22) I have mixed feelings about kids in general. Don’t get me wrong I love my kids to death and would never wish them away. Sometimes I wish I’d just stuck with the golden retriever instead!

    I think the biggest issue is the fact that I divorced my kids dad back when they were all in primary school and then gained two more kids in my second life. This has made live complex with 5 kids and two other sets of parents involved.

    For the negative: Kids are not a 10 or 20 years dedication…. parenthood lasts a lifetime.

    For the positive: Kids can bring happiness and fulfilment into your life

    Overall Advice: Never base your decision to have, or not to have kids, solely on the behaviour of other peoples kids. Make sure that you set boundaries and discipline from a very early age…. be firm with what they can and can’t do from toddler age this way as they get older the stage is set. It is possible to have well behaved and respectful teens. My almost 18 yo said to me recently “mum, you know how I always thought you were strict not letting us drink at home like my mates?…. well… I’ve decided that your rules were the right ones!”…. aaaahhh gotta love it when mum IS right! šŸ™‚

    Good luck swaying the doctor!

  7. Who was doing the questioning and who was the answerer? I cannot say enough about how wonderful my bubba is – it is freaky seeing the little monkey do things that are both you and your partner and the thought of a teenager. Denial.

  8. I’m with Jen. Maybe he needs to come around to it gently.

    Ever since my 29th birthday, my ovaries have been going “clang” every time I pass a baby in the street. I am jealous of all the people with little curly toddlers. Sigh.

    And yet, I was never a particular fan of babies; I’m terrified of dropping the tiny ones and I’ve been an au pair, so I know that under-fives can be awful sometimes. And I know you can’t hand them back.

    Still. I want some. Soon. I think J feels the guinea pigs are a sufficient commitment, though.

  9. Hehe… it’s interesting to see people thinking it was Gareth who made the budget comment… alas, it’s true.

    K, hope J comes around soon šŸ™‚ Guinea pigs aren’t quite the same!

    As for me, I don’t feel ready to share Dr G with a screaming bairn just yet. It sucks that the clock is ticking coz I feel like we should be doing more crazy stuff still, not sensible things like houses and babies. Blah!

  10. My DS (aged 22mths) made his first joke yesterday. He hid is hand up his sleeve, cue, Where’s your HAND?, to which he would poke it out again, with us doing a SHOCK, and him giggling. That is what having kids is all about. Go for it, you’d be such interesting parents to have.

  11. Who say’s babies make you do sensible things? I have spent my week singing nursury rhymes with about 20 other mother’s and babies (apparently they have to teach us now as most of us don’t know any) and I am making an easter bonnet (and enjoying it WAY too much) I can talk gibberish all day and no-one bats and eyelid and I break into song about anything – and no-one complains about my terrible voice.

    Being silly is great fun!

    We would never have had a bub if I had left it to my partner to suggest it, I am sure there are men out there like that but not mine – now he is so doting and loving and could never be without him…

    You two would rock as parents.

  12. You two would make awesome parents your babies would be DEAD SET SO CUTE.

    Just saying.

    You know how much you loved the old dog……well,……
    its kind of like THAT.

  13. I’m glad to see it isn’t just me with the clangy ovaries! Mine stared making a racket right after we got married, then shut up for a bit while I sorted out a Master’s Program. Now I’m on track with that – clang city. We have agreed 2010 will be a “Year Of Fun [tm]” since we’ll both be out of uni and will have time to spend together other than studying in the same room all weekend. I’m hoping that near the end of the Year Of Fun [tm] some of the *ahem* fun will lead to a baby Rivet. He’s on board with the plan, but doesn’t quite realize how determined I am!

  14. You can have kids and still have fun! I take my little man (almost 6) out for coffee and chats and he has been on holiday with us and had a great time.

    You and Dr G remind me of my friends – very outdoorsy and active – and they take their little almost 2 yr old everywhere! When dad goes surfing, mum and toddler go along to watch, she has a little seat on the back of the bike, they take her camping, everything! They just had to get a Bongo Friendee to fit in all the stuff!!!

  15. I was at the doctor’s surgery on the weekend (tonislitus … no fun!) and there were quite a few kids screaming their heads off. I tried not to get too frustrated, because I’m sure they were sick and miserable … but I did think to myself … yep, going get a puppy rather than have a baby.

  16. How funny…I discovered kitty through dietgirl a few months ago and have been thinking to myself how joyful it would be to read your baby blog. The stories are fantastic; my 3-year-old just said his first clear sentence over the phone yesterday (to my mother, of course): “It’s my PENIS!”

    My sister and her SO had a so-that’s-what-happens-when-we’re-not-careful baby and little Clover, who is 6 mos. now, jams out with them at all the vegan bluegrass festivals they attend.

  17. I am sure that you and Dr G would make great parents together. I am a single parent of an 18 yo daughter and I love her very much but if I knew then that I would be parenting alone and with almost no support I would never have done it. If I had been in a stable relationship I am sure that I would have had more children and felt a hell of a lot less stressed. : )

  18. Ahh, I’m sure that you guys would make awesome parents but be careful – sometimes you get two babies at once (but… without a doubt, babies are loads better than any budgie).

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