Inverness Castle

Dispatches from Chez Nessie

  • I’ve been in Inverness for four weeks now, but I found good cake on the first day!
Vicky sponge
    • I’ve been going for morning walks along the river. In the mornings there are blokes fly fishing, standing in the middle of the river in waders. I never see them catch anything; I think they just like standing there. I also like watching dogs who’ve been let off their leads. They zoom straight to the steep banks, and when I look across from the opposite side it’s a series of zig-zagging hound shapes, snuffling up and down the slopes.
    • Most of all I dig the spectacular trees that flank the river. They’re all yellow and autumnal, and sparkly with fairy lights at night.
Nighttime trees
Nighttime trees
    • Do you ever wonder why humans find water so soothing? All crabbitness dissolves as soon as I get to the river. Why don’t I feel the same way about a tarmaced carpark or a brick wall? I guess water has been around for a long time and our brains evolved to find it pleasant. Maybe in a million years our tastes will expand and we’ll be fighting to buy houses with exclusive waste-dump or maximum security prison views.
    • Chez Nessie has an abnormally small kitchen/living room. The movers actually laughed when they brought the couch in. “Where should we put this? Oh how about RIGHT DOWN HERE, coz there’s naewhere else!”. You can sit on the couch and just about reach out with your leg to switch the light on with your foot on the opposite wall. I dig that kind of energy saving.
    • You’d think with the kitchen being right there next to the couch we’d stop arguing over who carries the plates to the sink after dinner or whose turn it is to make the tea. NO and NO.
    • For almost ten years of togetherness, Gareth worked from home while I trudged off to work in the real world. Now revenge is finally mine! He starts brewing at 6AM most days, so while he stumbles around in the dark it’s my turn to open one eye and mumble faux-innocently, “Oh… is it getting-up time?” then pull the duvet over my head.
Morning walk
Morning walk
  • Good bits of working from home: pajamas and radio. Bad bits: too many cups of tea. Rubbish office banter. About 45 steps per day on my Fitbit if I forget to move!
  • Any other remote workers out there feel the need to overcompensate for their lack of bodily office presence? I am doing my work twice as fast and responding to emails like a demon. Whereas back in Dunfermline I would have spun around on my chair for awhile or revived the Isn’t It Funny How You Get Hungry Five Minutes After Eating An Apple conversation or made a round of tea before opening the inbox.

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23 thoughts on “Dispatches from Chez Nessie

  1. I didn’t realize I needed glasses until I started working from my house. After I left my office-y, co-worker-laden job, I got SO MUCH WORK DONE per unit time w/no 15 conversations floating around me, no phones ringing, FAR fewer emails, and virtually NO meetings, that by hour 6 each day, I got headaches–husband said get my eyes checked, an lo, my first specs. I’d probably needed them for a long time, but work in a group setting is SO much less efficient, I NEVER worked at my computer, uninterrupted, for hours and hours, so never knew.

    I do miss the social aspect of it, but it’s MUCH better for my easily distracted brain. Cats sure aren’t chatty, though. Love going out to the garden to photograph sundry bugs at the flowers for a break. =) I now use twitter for occasional chatty breaks. =) I SHOULD schedule visits to the local coffee shop tho’ it (like everything else here in the sticks) is a 20 min drive away.

    I LOVE that you live near water & in a very walkable place. THAT is lovely. =) Congratulations!

    1. That is so hilarious about the glasses! You may have gone all your life without discovering this šŸ™‚ Awewome! I do like your idea of wee photo breaks!

  2. I’ve worked from home for a few years now and I find it a bit lonely but also MORE distracting that being in an office. With a boss around, you feel like you have to at least look like you’re working. At home alone, you notice the dishes that need to be packed in the dishwasher … hmmm how about another cup of tea … I’ll just watch 5 mins of the news to get today’s weather (not that I need it) and it goes into an interesting segment about how chia seeds could change my life and then Ellen comes on. And I’ll just check my virtual auctions on my computer game and water the plants in my virtual farm. And it’s time for another cup of tea before I get started … oh, it’s time to pick up the kids from school.

  3. Beautiful autumn trail…post more pictures. I’ve worked at home for a few years now and there’s a reason my blog name is Pj geek. I do get dressed and go out to take a walk or walk the dogs some days. I listen to music when I can .The weird thing is my husband now works at home too in the other spare bedroom.
    Recommendations: may sound silly, but true.
    1. Don’t go skipping on wearing a bra since you are skipping on getting fully dressed. Gravity is a full time issue and the girls have to be supported.
    2. When you start losing sleep because you are drinking too much tea, you’ll pay attention to when you have that last cup. Switch to herbal if possible.
    3. Multi-task. Throw the laundry in while your coffee or tea is brewing, then throw dinner in the crockpot, and shuffle off to your home office before the sun even comes up. Then you can coast later in the day.
    4. Commit to your exercise plan or you’ll start missing workouts entirely because you are , tired at the end of the day, it’s dark, it’s cold, and you just want to : take a bath, read a book, sleep, watch tv, eat dinner, greet your hubby. lift weights during conference calls or do yoga stretches ( unless you are on a video cam)……..
    Happy new life!

  4. I think the water thing is because it moves. Maybe if a carpark swirled around nicely, it’d be more pleasant to watch – though probably a hazard to drive on.

    I’d love to work from home… and I’m sure I’d have plenty of breaks because my co-worker would demand ear scratches and back rubs šŸ™‚

  5. I’ve done some work from home and found there are too many distractions of the wrong kind – often distractions at work fed into work ideas and fostered important relationships but at home they often take me away from home (don’t drink too much camomile tea – I have found that this made me tired when I tried this as a student) Am glad you are enjoying your walks and your cake – does Gareth bring home the leftovers šŸ™‚

  6. Working in my office is distracting and working at home is distracting. I think it is just me.

    Great to have you back! More pictures, please! Your new neighborhood is gorgeous!

  7. Ah, along with the sight and sound of water, there’s the sight and sound of the wind in the trees. I find the rustling very soothing – the louder the better!

    After several months of gainful unemployment, I can say for certain that the office distractions make me far more productive overall than the home distractions. I guess I have something of the extrovert in me.

    Your walks look fabulous and beautiful. Grab the light while you can.

  8. Looks like a lovely place to be. I’d be going out for walks too – seems like a good way to get out and see the sights… šŸ™‚

    I would love to work from home. I’m an introvert and get distracted and exhausted by all the chatter at work. I could see how it could be tricky to not stay in your pjs all day though! I would probably also be distracted by stuff at home too, so maybe it is just me. šŸ˜‰

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