15 Years of Pussycat*

Dear Blog,

On Wednesday you turned 15. Right on!

Holy fuck Y2K!

It mostly started out of boredom as the About page says, but it was a lot about loneliness. Before the blog I thought if I were ever to share the thoughts and fears stewing away in my brain, a giant trap door would open up beneath me and my friends would stand over it and wave, Good riddance, weirdo!

But of course writing and reading blogs led to finding lots of cool “me too” people, and the happy realisation most of us feel like weirdos much of the time.

Some days I get so overwhelmed by the internet. The noisier it gets the more lonely it can feel. I’m constantly questioning the point of this exercise and/or clamming up in anticipation of negative feedback. But whenever I find the nerve to venture out of the cave and speak from the heart, I never regret it.

Actually I just had a thought, and it’s nearly midnight so it’s not going to make much sense. The internet is so huge now that it’s almost the same as it was in 2000. Back then there wasn’t a large amount of blogs so you felt free to really blurt out your guts. But now there’s SO many blogs, plus endless social networky things, you can hide in plain sight. There is room for everyone. You can find your own quiet corner and blurt away. Ahh I feel better now.

I can picture that May 2000 office cubicle so clearly. The now-tiny monitors, the communal fridge, the empty desks vacated by Y2K consultants after the world did not explode on January 1st. I’d surreptitiously poke around on Blogger.com with no idea of the world about to open up and all the wonderful people I’d meet. And the life-changing things that would enter my orbit over the next decade and a half…

Dry shampoo!

Green & Blacks chocolate!

4-wheel spinner suitcases!

Properly-fitted bras!

Scandinavian crime dramas!

Jon Hamm!

Thanks gazillions for reading, good people.

* I know it doesn’t say What’s New Pussycat? on the blog header anymore but that’s what it’ll always be in my brain.

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56 thoughts on “15 Years of Pussycat*

  1. So much love for you and this blog Shauna. I think I found you way back then via Mig and Lost in Transit and you led me on to I, Asshole and so many more wonderful blogs. Your voice is that of a dear friend that I have never met. Long may you feel encourage to write here, this wonderful place that I always call What’s New Pussycat in my mind. Congratulations on 15 amazing years of good living, strong writing, love, and adventure!

    1. Oh wow Kelly! Thank you for your kind words and thanks gazillions for reading for so long! If you’re ever in Scotland let me buy you a drink! 🙂

    2. I have been reading you since almost the very beginning, and I also read I, Asshole because of you. I got quite sad when you didn’t post so often any more, but I’m old-skool enough to still use RSS, and am so very happy when a post from you pops up. I’m an Aussie, and I did my time overseas (8 years in Germany), but I’m back home now. I certainly remember the shaky beginnings of your new life, and I’m glad that your adventure to Scotland worked out so well!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before but I’ve read every single entry. I was looking for inspirational weight loss blogs and yours certainly was. However, I’ve stuck around because you’ve always felt like an old friend. And I will shamelessly beg to meet you in person if I ever make it over to Scotland.

    Looking forward to another 15 years!

  3. I’ve been reading your writing for so so long – not sure if it’s the full 15 years but it’d be getting up there! I love that you’ve come this far – who would have imagined you’d end up somewhere in the north of Scotland back then!!

  4. Happy birthday to your blog! I haven’t been reading for 15 years (I was slow to catch on) but I think I’ve read my way back to the beginning and enjoyed every step of the way. Here’s hoping for another 15 years!

  5. Congratulations on 15 years – that must make you old aged in blogging years – I am always in awe of how long you have been blogging – glad to have found your blog albeit later rather than sooner – and still enjoy reading your musings – I know what you mean about hiding in a crowd – even since I started 8 years ago the amount of new blogs is insane

    1. It’s crazy how many there are, yes! Especially in your food blog world. Glad you’re still recipe-ing up a storm too! 🙂

  6. I think I’ve been reading most of that time. I can’t even remember how it started – I think it was the days when they had best blog lists and you were listed for Australia…which was almost NZ 😉 Going through all the multiple weddings, the revelations of the other blog (international woman of mystery!), and all the fitness and funny Scottish pronunciations it has been great. I’m still glad you continue – you still have a firm place (it was two places…is that metaphorical?!) in my RSS feed.

    I’ve even got the book and remember when you were plastered all over the national newspapers (including the one I worked for at the time).

    I’m so glad it’s going well – and I know it hasn’t always been plain sailing. While I now have to import Green & Blacks (yes, even guys like it), I just have to pick up my phone to read your latest!

    All the best Shauna – need more Loch news 😉

  7. Thanks for all the bloggin’ Shauna. I always love to read you stuff….I think it’s only been about half of the 15 years that I’ve been reading you and I think I, Asshole might have introduced you to me…but maybe it was the other way around. I even have a sus mole cut out of my arm today after reflecting on “Shark Bite”.

    1. Hey thanks Jay! And glad to hear it inspired some mole lopping! Hope it’s turned out okay for you!

  8. I’ll always think of it as What’s New Pussycat too :). I also fondly remember, “Shauna Reid my book?” :D. Keep up the good work, I always enjoy reading your blog xxx

  9. Couldn’t add a thing, but been reading FOREVER and had to add my congrats! I too have your book and still love your story as a normal persons tough journey to your true self! God bless an keep on!

  10. This will forever be WNP in my mind too. It’s what made me laugh and hooked me in when your blog popped on a google-search “red tulip bunny Scotland” or something along those lines, around 10 yrs ago.

    I’ve always enjoyed your observations on the mash of cultures, having been brought up by Scottish immigrants in Australia and then lived for a couple of years in Scotland as an adult.

  11. Never think there’s no point – you’re so important to so many people. I’ve been reading you since the very beginning and you’ve made a huge difference in my life. Sometimes just knowing that someone else feels a certain way or has been through a certain experience means everything.

    I remember the Olden Days of blogging when we poured our hearts out onto the electrons, and I really miss that. There wasn’t any notion of “monetizing” our stories or taking it any further than the incredible community we found (and founded). Throughout you’ve always been an honest and compelling voice. Never change, Shauna!

  12. Happy Blogiversary, my friend, and many more to come. Every time I pass the Green & Blacks display at our local market, I think of you, as well as when Mick and I went for breakfast at Cracker Barrel on a road trip in March. (Why is it always about the food with me???)


  13. Your teenager has a much better vocabulary than my teenager(s). Congratulations on 15 years of fabulous storytelling. Thanks for taking all of us along on the crazy ride. Love your work. xo PS when I come to Scotland next year can I visit? Let’s go out for eggs benny, ok?

  14. I don’t read a lot of blogs — and I think yours is the only non-tango blog I follow. But I’ve always enjoyed your sense of humour. You make me homesick for the Highlands!

    Keep writing!

    Greetings from Buenos Aires!

  15. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. In blog years this means you must be at least 450. It doesn’t matter that much to me what you write about as everything is interesting when given your particular take. You have such a strong voice so please keep it up for another 15 years.

  16. Thank you for writing! I’ll be forever glad i had the good fortune to stumble upon you online, and I’m sure countless others feel the same. You’ve honestly made a real, positive impact on my life. x

  17. Hooray for you and your delightful bloggage! I am very grateful for your always engaging words and thoughts.

    So, back to me,
    1) what IS this scandinavian crime drama you speak of, and
    2) what is “dry shampoo”??

    =) Happy Birrrrrrthdaaaay dear bloggaaaaaaaage,
    happy birthday tooooo youuuuuuuuu!

  18. DAMN.
    (well that and I wanna hear more more more about how youre feeling about the fact PUSSY CAT can almost drive in the USA :-))

  19. Happy blogiversary! (I feel sure people used to say that.) I am always delighted when you have a new post too… I haven’t been reading since *quite* the beginning, but you were still in Australia at that point.

    Nearly midnight or not, I think that’s a helpful insight about the nature of the internet – I sometimes feel lost amid the noise too, but on the other hand, I did enjoy the old days when we were all relatively anonymous and there was that sense that blogs were semi-secret things to discover… so maybe you’re right about the more crowded space bringing a measure of freedom with it too.

  20. After picking up your book many years ago, I jumped straight into the awesome of your blog and subsequently found the fabulous U&R community. Even though our paths haven’t crossed (in real life!) I will be always grateful for that the path I’ve found myself on as a direct result of your writing.
    Your words continues to amuse and inspire. Congratulations and thank you 🙂 xx

  21. 15 years of blogging? Really? OMG! I just started 2 months ago and am already worn out. No, just kidding. Congratulations and let’s see what new Scottish adventures you will be sharing with us. Now I am off to have a look at your archives’ pages to read some more of your stuff. Very entertaining. Ok, let’s click on this next page….

  22. Happy birthday WNP! That’s what I used to have your blog listed as on the blog roll of Julaberry so it’s always that in my mind.

    I totally get where you’re coming from, I sort of fell out of blogging when everyone started becoming so serious and professional about it. Does anyone just blog about getting drunk anymore? I might do some of that.

    I am forever grateful to the internet for bringing such a wonderful person into my life, no – not my husband – though he can stay, but you Shaunie-face. You’re such a wonderful, beautiful, courageous person. I am glad you’re in my world. x

    1. Love ya, Lala face 🙂 So glad I got to meet you! We should lead the blogging-about-getting-drunk comeback!

  23. Lord, so many years! I am not sure I was there 15 years ago but definitely remember when you were still living in Canberra and you bought you tickets to the UK. Like many others, I miss those old school days but think we can definitely keep those communities going. I love the daily life insights, so here’s to another 15 years

  24. Always love to read your blog. Love that I’ve been reading it the longest of any blog I read. You’re like an old friend I’ve never met. Congratulations on your blog birthday. 15 years! Wow.

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