Return to the Kingdom

After two great years the Highland Experiment is over. We’re moving back to Fife!

Inverness Castle

There were many reasons for the move. Wanting to live closer to Gareth’s parents, new career opportunities, more affordable housing, and plain old missing the Fife Life. Alright, I admit, when we found out Neighbour Cat was leaving the building… that kind of sealed the deal. 😉

Just before we moved north in 2013 I wrote:

“I’m not scared of the unknown. I’m not worrying if this is the right or wrong move. It’s just a move. I’m not one to wang on about “The Universe” or fate or destiny… I reckon life is a mish-mosh of a) conscious decisions and b) completely random shit. So I will let things unfold, try to be open and choose whatever path feels best at the time. Something will happen up there, and whatever that is, even if it sucks I’ll get through it eventually.”

Well bloody hell, a lot happened up there! I made fabbo new friends for life, bumbled into self-employment, pootled around the Highland landscapes, drank many teaspoons of whisky. And the difficult things that happened, like that stupid mole-y git Wally, we muddled through them. Damn 2013 Shauna, you wise.

To be honest, right before we moved up north I wasn’t a happy bunny, deep down. I was restless, stuck and constantly annoyed with myself. The Highland Times were a fantastic kick up the arse to get out of my rut and do things differently. And learn to be kinder to myself. I’ll no doubt be falling down and clawing out of self-created holes to the end of my days, but it’s all good. I always reckon, if you can get to the end of the year and feel even 1% smarter and more self-aware than you were at the end of the year before, that’s progress. So at the end of two years, I feel approx. 73% better than before. Pow!

I have a Highlands wrap-up post in the works, but in summary it was such a bittersweet feeling to leave. Of course Inverness put on a late burst of sunshine in our last week to be all, “Smell ya later!”.

So back here Fifeside, we’ve swapped the castle and the river and the crappy little flat and the memory of the fluffy visitor for quiet village life and a great wee house! I now have a tree to look at while I’m working instead of a tiny Velux window that pigeons would shit on like clockwork every morning.

Best of all, the bathroom has an excellent shower! I’ve never lived somewhere with a powerful one before. I nearly cried the first time I stood under there and the conditioner blasted right off my head. “The same thing happened to me!” said baldy Gareth. Ha ha ha.

New view

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18 thoughts on “Return to the Kingdom

  1. I like what you wrote in 2013 about making the move, not worrying whether it’s the right or wrong move and just letting things unfold. I am subject to so much paralysis from analysis! I want to be brave like you.

    All told, a highly successful Highland Adventure, but I’m glad you’re back in Fife too!

  2. Damn, I waited too long for a visit and now I’ll never make it to the highlands. On the positive side, though, so much easier for you to catch a flight for the U.S. now, right? 😉


  3. Woo! You’re back! I always sort of hoped you would wander back southwards, though the Highland episode does sound like an experience to remember with pleasure.

    I deserted my Velux-windowed home office for a sofa and a view of the garden (and more distraction, but hey) yesterday so I can relate to that. Your new garden looks lovely!

    We moved three months ago and I have still not quite got to blogging about it, though I want to.

  4. Congrats on the move, the shower & the view! So much of what you said resonates with me and I’m going to look at the end of 2015 the way you do–I’m pretty sure I can rustle up more than 1%!

  5. Awesome Shauna! For no good or informed reason, I was very happy to hear of your move back south. Think I’m just glad that you’re closer to coffee and cakeage meet -ups in Edinburgh – or maybe that is where I would like to be …

    Love your insights here.

  6. Love your gorgeous new tree. What a beauty.
    I too will be falling down and clawing myself out of self made holes ’til the end of my days.
    At least we can do it together!
    Happy 2016 to you and Gareth.

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