Let’s fly away

Apologies to WordPress & RSS subscribers who just received a 2004 post republished in error as I was de-spamming in the archives! Here’s something I wrote earlier today instead.

Painting of Concorde

What a bloody weird year this has been. It’s a daily recommitment but I reckon I’m finally (sort of) (hopefully) getting to grips with this binge eating recovery thing. Now I’m sifting through the life created while basically sleepwalking for eight years or so. Some bits are cool and some bits it’s all, what the flipping heck is this?⁣

Also, figuring out how to take care of a 41 year old body you barely recognise without swinging between overdoing it and complete neglect. That is an ongoing doozy.

I’ve been faffing around trying to put this “journey” (spew) into words for about six months but a friend suggested just drawing a line and starting from where I was today so let’s go with this and carry on. 😍⁣⁣

[Pic above is a painting of Concorde at National Museum of Scotland]

Working In My PJs - Elaine Fleming of Ginger PR

Working In My PJs – Elaine Fleming

Time for another instalment of Working In My PJs. Today, I’m talking to PR maven Elaine Fleming.

Elaine is one of those people so brimming with spark, brains and wit that you feel your own mojo rising just by being in her glorious presence. During her 17 year career Elaine has worked for some of Scotland’s biggest and best creative agencies, as well as for clients such as Domino’s Pizza, One Spa at The Sheraton, Whyte & Mackay, Buchanan Galleries, Scottish Rugby and even Susan Boyle.

Elaine set up independent agency Ginger PR in 2009. She’s now based in beautiful Angus where she rocks the world of her clients all along the east coast and beyond.

I’ve been lucky to call Elaine a pal since 2006 when we first met in person over tea and scones at the swanky Balmoral hotel in Edinburgh (start as you mean to go on, right?). I’m chuffed that she was up for letting us peek behind the Ginger PR curtain and share how she gets things done with her trademark style and kickassery. She also shares her top tips for making great Instagram stories, as well what she sees as the barearse minimum we can do to promote our work online, without going bonkers.

1. When did you first become self-employed? Can you you recall the moment you realised you wanted to paddle your own canoe?
I can indeed. It was 2009 and I was spending around three hours a day in total commuting from Edinburgh to Glasgow. I really enjoyed my job but I longed for more control. It really stuck in my craw having to carry out work just to appease a middle manager (on the client side). I wanted to do work that actually made a difference and had integrity.

The credit crunch was biting down hard and I could sense redundancy was in the air (the company I was working for at the time had just closed the Edinburgh office I headed up) and it seemed like things were all falling into place for me to take that jump.


Emotional eating, binge eating and friends – some definitions

Howdy comrades! I’ll be writing updates here about how I’m getting on with my binge eating recovery shenanigans since I got home from Green Mountain, as well as sharing some resources that I’ve found helpful. But first I thought it might be helpful to define things a little, as the various terms can be vague and/or […]

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Interview with Kerstin Martin, Squarespace designer

Behold! Working In My PJs is back. Today, I’m talking to Squarespace authorised trainer and web designer Kerstin Martin. Originally from Germany and now based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Kerstin designs gorgeous Squarespace websites and teaches online courses. She recently launched Squarespace Biz Box, a comprehensive course to help people create their own successful and profitable web […]

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Green Mountain at Fox Run: The floodlight and the twinkle lights

Out of all the ideas I heard at Green Mountain, one that really sang to me was the floodlight and twinkle lights.  In the aforementioned Hungers That Influence Eating Behaviours class, Shiri explained that a binge acts like a floodlight. To quote her blog post: “The truth of the matter is that nothing will do it like food… Eating in […]

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