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Custom copy & content support

Whether you need quick copy for a one-off project, a resident ghostwriter for your blog, or a long-term content collaborator, my pencil is sharpened and ready to help.

I can write from scratch or edit your existing copy, including, but not limited to:

blog posts • client case studies • email templates • email newsletters • feature articles • online course content • podcast scripts • podcast show notes • profiles and interviews

And if you’re looking for someone to just get your work out into the world already, I’m also a whizz with the implementation, including:

online course setup – content and back end • email marketing • community management • client support • podcast production • blog and social media management

Sas Petherick

I honestly couldn’t run my business without Shauna.

She is my right hand woman: copy writer, community leader, project manager and technical wizard in one glorious Aussie bird.

Shauna seems to instinctively know the most efficient and effective way to communicate with my clients. I know she really cares about my people!

The best part about working with Shauna though, is her warmth and humour - we laugh A LOT.

I have so much respect for Shauna’s track record of writing online: this speaks volumes of her loyalty and courage to just keep showing up.

If you want a mix of practical, personal and professional when it comes to your writing, hire Shauna.

Mara Glatzel

For years I was afraid to outsource any of my editorial tasks because I was scared that someone else wouldn't treat my work with the kindness and close attention that I would. Reaching out to Shauna was easily one of the best decisions I've ever made.

She is the brilliant combination of being both a really fantastic human being and beyond capable of supporting me in all aspects of running my business.

I feel safe in knowing that she will lovingly tend to my business the way she would tend to her own, and am always impressed by her professionalism and quality of work.

And on top of all of that, she's really awesome.

Hire her! I promise that you will thank yourself for it later.

Shauna Reid

Your trusty secret weapon

For over 15 years I’ve used my killer word and nerd skills to help people who are working hard to make the world a brighter, smarter and kinder place.

I’ve worked with coaches, trainers, teachers and small business owners to translate their wisdom into words that chime with their dream clients. Check out my portfolio here.

I love collaborating on copy and content of all kinds. If your work has you fired up and on a mission, I’ll help you find the words to tell your story.


How it works:

  1. Click the red button below and you’ll be directed to my enquiry form, where you can tell me about your project
  2. We’ll meet on Zoom chat to clarify your requirements
  3. If it’s copy you’re after:
    • I’ll get back to you with an estimate within 3 working days.
    • I’ll then write it and deliver it to you in a Google Doc
    • You’ll send me your feedback and I’ll do a round of revision to make sure we’ve got it sparkling
  4. If it’s another kind of content collaboration you need, we’ll chat on Zoom then agree a means of working together, whether it’s a one-off project or longer-term retainer.


Ready to get started?

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Jennette Fulda

Shauna goes out of her way to make my work life easier. She takes the initiative and suggests ways to lighten my workload that I hadn't thought of. Her work is top-notch and it's a pleasure to work with someone with such a sunny, positive attitude!

Liz Watt

I wouldn't have my wonderful website if it wasn’t for Shauna. She gently helped me get over my fear of selling myself and was amazing at winkling things out of me.

When I read what she'd written about me on the About page, it made me a little bit emotional! She captured the heart and soul of what I do as a therapist.

Margaret Robertson

Shauna's writing has a real freshness and warmth. She has that knack that good writers have of making it look easy, and a real understanding of how to communicate with customers. She has a very professional attitude and always gets the job done with good humour. I highly recommend her.

Please get in touch anytime. We can discuss working together and if I’m the right writer for you.